Why The Mets Should Sign Manny Ramirez

Bill YadlonContributor IOctober 18, 2008

After a second straight season with a September collapse, the Mets have to do something big. This year, with such a huge gap in LF heading into the season, nothing would shake things up more than bringing in Manny Ramirez.

The Manny deal would have to be done carefully. Scott Boras, Ramirez' demon spawn agent, is lobbying for a six-year contract, which would terminate at Manny's 42nd birthday, much like Alex Rodriguez.

The cost per year?  Probably around $22-25 million. If this is in fact the price, its a no go. But if you can use Omar Minaya and the teams Latino ties to sway Manny to take a front loaded three or four-year deal with lots on incentives for good play, I think its a no-brainer.

Manny will give the Mets two great years before he begins to alienate himself and sabotage games. But for the production he will give during his good years, I think it's worth it.

Manny is not the best fielding LF, but neither was Daniel Murphy and let's just be honest: hitting trounces fielding in the majors and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. If you stick Manny in that lineup hitting fourth behind David Wright, he will start to see a lot more fastballs and instantly becomes a .335 avg. 40 HR, 130 RBI guy. Just look at the fall off in David Ortiz' production without the Man-Ram hitting behind him. 

Of course the bullpen was the culprit in the Mets collapse this season, but with little options out there, I'd prefer paying Manny than overpaying for Francisco Rodriguez, who I personally think is overrated.

I don't think the bullpen is as bad as they showed. Bullpen arms tend to vary year to year, so I don't think breaking the bank on a good, not great closer is the answer.

Many people will object and say he's too much money. But with Pedro Martinez, Oliver Perez, and possibly, Carlos Delgado coming off the books, it almost evens out. Besides, playing in the New York market, the Mets have to become big spenders if they ever want to steal the back pages from the Yankees.

After such an embarrassing collapse, yet again, the Mets front office owes it to their club's fans to make a big signing and promise them that what happened the last two years will not happen again.