WWE Over the Limit: Why the Miz Will Send John Cena Packing After 'I Quit' Match

Josh Logan@@IAMCalamityAnalyst IMay 16, 2011

WWE Over The Limit is this Sunday, and the IWC is abuzz over John Cena in yet another "I Quit" match.

John Cena has never lost this match.  John Cena won the Championship at the last PPV.  John Cena is supposed to be in a program with Alberto Del Rio starting after this PPV leading up to Summer Slam.

On the other side of the world, though, The Miz is the most must-see champion the WWE has ever had.  The Miz is the next "face" of the WWE.  The Miz is a money-making machine when it comes to promotion.


So let's see what could possibly happen at Over The Limit and then I will make my point.


John Cena could just as well walk out of Over The Limit, still the WWE Champion.  He has never quit in an "I Quit" match.  He could easily strap on the STF or put Miz in a precarious position and make him quit that way.

John Cena could pummel The Miz into submission.  Maybe he just keeps hitting the "AA" until The Miz cannot respond to the referee anymore.

Maybe John Cena could use weapons to beat The Miz until Miz has no other choice then to scream "I Quit"!


This is what the IWC thinks is going to happen, but let me state my case for why I think The Miz will be walking away from Over The Limit with a win and the WWE Championship.


John Cena is "the face" of the WWE.  He gives out more charity than any other professional athlete.  His motto is "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect."  His shirt says "Never Give Up."

So why on earth do I think The Miz will send him packing after the "I Quit" match?

It quite frankly is The Miz's time to shine.  John Cena needs a new direction for his character, while The Miz needs to make his "heel-ness" much more pronounced, with a much more sadistic nature.

John Cena might be popular, but he can't take the WWE where The Miz can. 

John Cena is good at going out and supporting causes and being that hero children need to look up to, but he cannot continue on the way he has without becoming stagnant.

If you had to pick one person, without any personal bias, between The Miz and John Cena for their money making/promotional ability, who would you pick?

John Cena might be able to sell more T-shirts, but The Miz will be able to take you anywhere and everywhere in the media.

I would pick The Miz.  Not because John Cena has seven moves, or because he can't wrestle, or even because his character is boring, but because The Miz will be able to do more than John Cena ever has at promoting the WWE.  And with that promotion comes making the BIG money.


So to get back to my point.


The Miz will send John Cena packing at Over the Limit.  I could see this match ending with Cena, not quitting, but more or less pulling a Steve Austin, in the Austin/Hart Submission match, or even a Mankind, in the Mankind/Rock I Quit match.

This way John Cena never quit, it takes nothing away from his gimmick, because he never gave up.  He just wasn't able to continue.  And guess what, with that happening I could see John Cena really getting a new jump start into a revision of the Character he has now.

John Cena is better as the challenger, not as the Champion.  When he is the Champion, no one gets over.  Everyone jobs and there is no reason to care about the WWE Championship.


Be prepared for this Sunday to shock you.  Be prepared to witness a massacre on a PG Entertainment show.  Be prepared to watch in awe as The Miz stands victorious over a limp John Cena to end WWE Over The Limit 2011.


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