All Fearless Team

Bleacher Report Senior Writer IOctober 18, 2008

Of course back in the 1920's, most baseball players were racists and dirty ballplayers. Now, it's not that way anymore. Despite the great efforts of Barry Bonds and Pete Rose, Ty Cobb is still the biggest baseball jerk.

Here's the lineup:


Leading off, playing center field: Ty Cobb. The .366 career hitter got into his fair share of scuffles as a player. He beat up a guy with no hands because he called him "half-ni****". He also beat up an umpire because of a bad call in front of the umps two year old son. He is known as baseball's dirtiest player and slid spikes up.

Batting second, playing third base: Pete Rose: Pete Rose wasn't nearly the asshole Ty Cobb was, but got in plenty of legal trouble. He was arrested for tax evasion and after 15 years of lying about it, admitted he bet on baseball. Also, he injured Ray Fosse on a throw to the plate and separated Fosse's shoulder.

Batting third, playing second base: Rogers Hornsby: The Hall of Famer and .358 hitter was never hesitant to criticize. He insulted teammates, owners, his own players and even Kenesaw Mountain Landis, the commissioner. Also when he was a second basemen, he said "I cheated or encouraged others on my team to cheat. I used to trip, kick, elbow, spike anybody I could."

Batting cleanup, playing left field: Barry Bonds: Barry Bonds is an unbelievable hitter, of course. He's also a steroid monkey who disrespects the people he surpassed on the home run list: "I wiped him [Babe Ruth] out. That's it. And to the baseball world, Babe Ruth is baseball, am I right? I got his slugging percentage and I'll take his home runs and that's it. Don't talk about him no more." - Barry Bonds. He also got into several scuffles with teammates, such as Jeff Kent.

Batting fifth and DH'ing: Manny Ramirez: Wow, what a selfish guy Manny is. This year, he has gotten in a fight with teammate Kevin Youkilis instead of standing up for his teammates. Also, he shoved a 65-year old traveling secretary to the ground for not allowing Ramirez to buy 16 tickets for friends and family. "Just do your f***'ing job", Manny said. Also, he has several times this year faked injury and taken himself out of the lineup.

Batting sixth and playing first base: Hal Chase: Throughout his career, Hal Chase gambled on games. Some claim in 1910, he laid down in games. He also allegedly paid a pitcher on his team $50 to throw the game the next day. Also, Chase is said to be part of the 1919 Black Sox scandal. The Con Man of Baseball.

Batting seventh and playing right field: Albert Belle: Albert Belle was involved in a ton of incidents. In 1986, he chased a man who was shouting racial slurs at him in a college game. In 1996, he tackled Fernando Vina, who was trying to tag Belle. He sounded unapologetic: "The Indians wanted me to issue a statement of regret when the fine was announced, but I told them to take it out. I apologize for nothing."

Batting eighth and catching: Cap Anson: Anson's natural position on the field was first base, but I'll but him as the catcher anyway. Anson was a huge racist, saying that he would refuse to go on a field if there was a black guy there. He lived up to his word. One day, there was a scrimmage with a black guy on Anson's team and Anson left the game.

Batting ninth and playing shortstop: Billy Martin: In his career, Martin had problems. He was a chronic drinker and got into countless bar fights. Because of this, the Yankees gave him to the Royals. In 1960, he received a brush-back pitch from pitcher Jim Brewer and logically decided to throw the bat at him. Martin's fights as a player that we know of are with Jimmy Piersall, Clint Courtney (twice), Tommy La Sorda and Matt Batts.


The ace of the club: Charley Radbourne: Charles "Old Hoss" Radbourne was one of the meanest players ever. He was rude, a bully (like Cobb). He was a hard drinker, erratic and ill tempered. He was also a little bit insane. I'm being sarcastic when I say a little bit. One time, he beaned his catcher right in the place where you don't want to be beaned because he dropped a third strike

The second starter: Roger Clemens: I've come to hate Roger Clemens. He has a history of beaning people. He beaned former teammate Alex Rodriguez and also beaned Mike Piazza and threw pieces of a bat at him. In Jose Canseco's book "Juiced", he said Clemens wasn't on steroids. However, people found a shipment of steroids under Clemens name. He also cheated on his wife with two different women.

The third starter: Pedro Martinez: Pedro Martinez uses chin music all the time. He refuses to back down, and as a result, is unpopular in batters minds. "I'm starting to hate talking about the Yankees. The questions are so stupid. They're wasting my time. It's getting kind of old ... I don't believe in damn curses. Wake up the damn Bambino and have me face him. Maybe I'll drill him in the ass" said Pedro.

The fourth starter: Carl Mays: As many of you know, Carl Mays killed Ray Chapman with a fastball. Carl Mays used a spitball a lot, which caused Chapman to get beaned and eventually killed. Right then, the pitch was banned. Mays was a very hardcore pitcher, didn't get scared of hitters and claimed beaning Chapman was unintentional. Please.

The fifth starter: Nolan Ryan: Some may remember Nolan Ryan for his strikeouts. But I remember his ugly beatdown of Robin Ventura. I say it was ugly because it was hilarious seeing Nolan try to fight. He was also known for beaning hitters-and he did it a lot. That's how the brawl with Ventura started.


Honorable mention: Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa, Jose Canseco, Graig Nettles, Curt Schilling, Reggie Jackson