WWE: The 10 Best WWE Cities in the U.S.

Joe M.Correspondent IMay 17, 2011

WWE: The 10 Best WWE Cities in the U.S.

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    WWE is known for it's grueling road schedule.  Each and every night the roster is in a new city or town in a new arena.

    Not all towns are created equal, though.  While every town has die-hard WWE fans, some arenas have a more outspoken fanbase than others.

    In this sideshow we'll take a look at the Top 10 WWE Cities in United States.  Your city may not be on the list, so be sure to represent in the comments below.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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    That's right, Pittsburgh. 

    Pittsburgh fans need something to look forward to, it's not like their Pirates ever give them anything good. 

    Maybe that's why the fans are so pumped every time WWE comes to town.

    Even historically, big things happen when WWE comes to Pittsburgh.

Corpus Christi, Texas

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    Not Houston, or Dallas, or Austin, but Corpus Christi, Texas is making this list.

    Every crowd in Texas is loud, but the Corpus Christi crowd is never a dud.

Green Bay, Wisconsin

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    Green Bay is home to arguably the most loyal fanbase in all of sports: Green Bay Packer fans. 

    In a city so passionate about sports, it's no surprise that it is one the best WWE crowds in the U.S. 

Philadephia, Pennsylvania

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    Not too far from Pittsburgh, but the crowd is completely different. 

    It's not a huge shocker that Philly is home ot great WWE crowd, as it's big sports city to begin with, from baseball to football to hockey.

    The venue of choice for WWE in Philly is the Wells Fargo Center (formerly the Wachovia Center).

Los Angeles, California

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    Los Angeles is one of the most popular and mainstream cities in the world. 

    WWE holds SummerSlam at the Staples Center every year to tap into some of the mainstream media flow LA is so famous for.

    The LA fans, though, are full of energy, and we see that every August.

Chicago, Illinois

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    There is more to Chicago than really, really deep dish pizza and hot dogs with an obscene number of toppings on them. 

    Chicago is also home to an extremely loud WWE fanbase.

    Hosting Part 2 of WrestleMania Two and (all of) WrestleMania 22, Chicago is like Atlanta in that it is a staple city in the pro wrestling world.

Miami, Florida

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    Miami is just an energetic, upbeat city. 

    We recently saw The Rock host his Birthday Bash at the American Airlines Arena and in one year we'll see WrestleMania 28 at the SunLife Arena.

    The Maimi crowd is always loud, though; not just for The Rock or WrestleMania.

Atlanta, Georgia

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    Atlanta, Georgia is arguably the wrestling capital of the world. 

    When WWE comes to town, the venue is usually the Philips Arena, and it's usually filled with the rowdy (yes, rowdy), outspoken, Coca-Cola loving, and flat-out loud Atlanta crowd. 

    Recently, WWE took over Atlanta for WrestleMania 27. Atlanta is just a huge wrestling city, and naturally it is on this list.

Charlotte, North Carolina

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    We're in Flair Country now... Charlotte, NC. 

    Like Atlanta and Chicago this is another staple city in pro wrestling and is home to, simply, some of the best wrestling fans in the entire world.

    Although Flair is no longer with WWE and is currently in TNA cutting promos to point of a heart attack, big things still happen when WWE rolls into Charlotte.

New York, New York

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    Was there really every any question as to what the No. 1 city would be? 

    Madison Square Garden is home to an amazing crowd.

    It's the World's Most Famous Arena in the World's Most Famous city, and it is the best WWE city, not only in the United States, but in the world.