Farewell Yankee Doodle

Johnny GarciaContributor IOctober 18, 2008

Farewell old Yankee Stadium. Farewell I say to you and the unforgettable moments I experienced there as a child. The great games that happened beyond those walls that Ruth built would never be seen in any other ballpark again. Baseball will never be the same now that the Yankees are moving away from valuable traditions and moving toward more profitable revenue(Expensive tickets and more box seats). There's no more "Curse of the Bambino " and baseball is now beginning to seem a little boring to say the least. The gimmick of baseball being the so called "American Pastime" has lost its touch quite a bit. From illegal drug use to media scandals, baseball has developed into nothing more than pop-culture; the same culture that everyone around the world has grown so "fond" of. Baseball is now a reflection of the direction our American culture is heading towards. The World Series itself has been experiencing a gradual decline in viewer ratings each year since 2004 and its not going to change anytime soon in my opinion.

Lets face it, although baseball has turned into an American pop-culture, the Yankees will always be the face of baseball around the world. This team is one big international icon and not having them compete in the sport could drive down viewer ratings on American television and abroad. I'm sure I'm not the only person who's noticed this. Somewhere in the Yankees' main offices some guy is saying,"jeese we better start winning or there goes our fan-base." What some people don't realize is that baseball would be dead without the New York Yankees. And I'm not just saying this because I'm a Yankee fan, but because it's true. You simply cannot compare any other team's legacy to that of the Yankees'. In terms of popularity and fame, they are unprecedented. That's just the way it is. And as for the upcoming World series, it's going to be the Phillies against either Tampa Bay or the Red Sox. Tampa Bay?! C'mon give me break. Who wants to spend three hours of their time watching these teams, except their fans and commentators of course. Remember how many people watched the Boston World Series? No one's really interested. But with the Yankees, so many more people are compelled to watch this team because they were a symbol of what America is; a strong and unmatched force to be reckoned with. And although many others aren't fans themselves, they can't help but to respect them. With these occurrences in mind, the symbolism of baseball has dramatically been changed for the worse. The only way to get things back to the way they were when baseball was more popular is for the Yankees to start winning again. They're in a slump. It's the same way with America. We're in a slump right now but we've gotta get outta that slump. And I feel sorry for those baseball fans that don't agree with me but the Yankees are baseball just as America is the land of opportunity.