Patrick Kane Weeps For Denis Savard

Michael WagnerSenior Analyst IOctober 18, 2008

If there was a player in the locker room that was most devastated by the news of Denis Savards' firing it was Patrick Kane. Kane had a special relationship with Savard, he was more than a coach, he was a friend.

When the Blackhawks drafted Kane, Savard made him is special project because he saw much of himself in Kane. Savard tried to teach Kane to be a complete player and offered experiences that he went through in the NHL as a smaller forward.

After the practice yesterday the media asked for the teams response to the sudden change at the head coaching position. Patrick Kane looked visibly upset in his locker, holding back tears while he talked to the media.

"He was my first coach in the league," Kane said with tears in his eyes. "I think he was just more than anything a great friend. Just the situations he brought us in, he played us a lot last year, upcoming rookies (Kane and Jonathan Toews), 18 and 19 years old. It's difficult to see him go."

Although other players such as Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp somewhat saddened by the news of Denis Savard's firing they knew that this was a chance a fresh start and a chance to make new impressions. 

Kane and Savard's similar statures linked them in the locker room and that lead to a true affinity for one another but when Patrick Kane hits the ice he will need to put that in the back of his head. Kane will not be lost in the new system by Quenneville but it will not be the same for him.

During the game Savard would give him advise about what to do in certain situation and Kane knew he could trust this advise because he had gone through the same things.

This is a tough time for many players in that locker room but one of those players might not be the same with Denis Savard's firing, Patrick Kane.