WWE Over The Limit: 5 Ways The Miz & John Cena's 'I Quit' Match Could Play Out

Rob PicarielloCorrespondent IMay 17, 2011

WWE Over The Limit: 5 Ways The Miz & John Cena's 'I Quit' Match Could Play Out

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    The fifth WWE pay-per-view of 2011 comes to us live this Sunday night from Seattle, Washington.

    This will be the second time in three weeks that the WWE is asking us to shell out $44.99 to watch their pay-per-view programming.

    Throw in the fact that Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley, TNA Sacrifice and UFC 130 are also in the month of May, and that's a lot of cash to be spending on pay-per-views.

    The main event at Over The Limit is an 'I Quit' match for the WWE Championship between the current champion John Cena and #1 contender The Miz.

    While it seems unlikely that John Cena (who is 3-0 in said matches) will utter the words 'I Quit', let's take a look at five possible ways this match could play out.

John Cena Says 'I Quit' and The Miz Wins Clean

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    I'm not even going to waste anyone's time with this one.

    Not happening.

    Let's move on.

John Cena Wins Clean

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    This is certainly the most likely scenario.

    Gasoline will be given away for free before the WWE Universe hears John Cena say the words, 'I Quit'.

    If John Cena is going to win this match I'm fine with that, but by making it an 'I Quit' match, most of the fans are already expecting Cena's hand being raised at the end of the night.

    Not to mention the fact that The Miz will ruin his immediate main event future by having to vocally quit.

    Just a poor match stipulation by WWE.

John Cena Passes Out; Shades of Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13

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    Definitely unlikely but if we want to believe that The Miz has a chance in this match...well this could be it.

    Like I've stated earlier and many writers have before me, there's no chance John Cena quits. That alone leaves us with only a few options for how The Miz walks out as champion.

    The blood loss angle will not be used in the PG era of WWE so that's out.

    Perhaps The Miz can hit Cena with a Skull Crushing Finale and then throw him in a sleeper hold until Cena is out cold. The referee could make the decision to stop the match and declare The Miz the winner.

    Once again, unlikely but certainly possible. 

The Rock Gets Involved

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    While I don't think that WWE will waste an appearance by The Rock at a lower end pay-per-view like Over The Limit, I won't rule it out altogether.

    It is much more likely that The Rock is seen at SummerSlam or Survivor Series as explained earlier today here on B/R, but the more we see of The Rock the better.

    Whether it's helping Cena keep his title in an effort to win it himself at WrestleMania 28 or planting Cena with a Rock Bottom out of his dislike for Cena, it would be great to see him get involved more frequently.

    Part of me knows that the WWE would have promoted an appearance by The Rock in order to get more people to buy the pay-per-view but maybe they still have a surprise or two left up their sleeve.

The Miz and Alex Riley Use a Recording of John Cena Saying 'I Quit'

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    This is my personal favorite.

    While the chances of the WWE taking the championship off Cena just three weeks after he won it back are slim, I'd like to believe that The Miz has at least a small chance of winning.

    When John Cena came out after The Miz won the triple threat #1 Contenders Match against Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio, he told everyone they would be competing in an 'I Quit' match, thus actually saying the words 'I Quit'.

    I think it would be brilliant if at some point during the match, Alex Riley slipped a small recorder to The Miz and when Cena becomes incapacitated at some point, The Miz could hit the play button while the microphone is close to Cena's mouth.

    It could be something as simple as the referee just being at a bad angle and doesn't notice that Cena's mouth never moved.

    This outcome keeps the feud alive and keeps The Miz in the main event. I for one do not want to see The Miz mid-carding or put into useless programs with uninteresting wrestlers.

    Feel free to post how you would like the outcome of the match to turn out as I think the WWE has a chance to break some new ground by having Cena lose.

    Too bad that's not the WWE I know.


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