Liverpool v. Wigan: Comeback Kings at Their Best!

Michelle AlvesSenior Writer IOctober 18, 2008

After sitting through the Chelsea game, hoping that they would lose this one so we could take first place, I felt it wasn’t going to be a good day.

Half way through the Liverpool game, I was in no doubt it was a dreadful day. After Wigan scored the first goal, I was all right...after all, it’s nothing new, Liverpool would come back. When kuyt scored I was ecstatic, jumping around my cat yelling at him “I knew it”, then tripping and hurting my toe.

But why, why does this team do this to us? Why can’t we have a normal game, with a normal victory, instead of having to sit on the edge of our seats for the whole game. After the second goal scored by Wigan I was in doubt, but I had a feeling they would score again.

Hmm, I wondered if Liverpool could steal Zaki (yes I know you’re probably thinking "dream on")! His goal was class, no doubt.

Kuyt’s failed attempt was bloody brilliant! Too bad the post came in the way, that darn nosy thing! Of course, Agger’s off to a good start, but I knew that would happen, I’ve always loved him.

I write this at half time. 1-2 and we’re just going down. Have we people jinxed Liverpool with all the talk of winning the league?

Second half ...

46th minute... I’m scared of Zaki. I don’t know why, I’m just scared. This is worse than sitting through a scary movie! I’m not too fond of Pennant and poor Skrtel’s gotten himself injured. That damn Torres, I’m so mad about that! Carragher seems...frustrated. Not a good sign.

*sigh* Bloody Kirkland, die goalie, die! I feel like pressing the mute button, this commentator isn’t making me feel any better. Oh shut UP!

50th minute...They keep showing Zaki, like in Jaws, when they keep showing the shark circling around in the sea! I’m half expecting them to start playing the Jaws theme when they show him. I didn’t realise Gerrard was playing *roll eyes here*.

Score you fools, Score NOW!

I know they’ll score, what am I worried about? I wish they’d just hurry up though!

Oh bloody hell, I need to pee...Damn it, why aren’t there commercial breaks. What if I leave and someone scores. Where are portable televisions when you need them?

55th minute...Dossena down. Zaki having trouble. Good good!

Corner... hmm. That was the worst ever.

Kuyt’s unlucky today! Not again...This is killing me!! If only Torres were there, we wouldn’t be in this position!

60th minute...Still no goal—and I still need to pee! WHY IS EVERYONE SLIPPING!  There’s only 30 minutes left...What if we lose! We can’t lose today! We’ve got a Chelsea game coming up!

65th minute...I have a bad feeling about this. Mouth wide open, heart hammering on, just staring at the screen as if awaiting a death sentence.

Free kick...within range, definitely within Gerrard’s range. Can captain awesome come to our rescue? Can he? Can he?


*heart in mouth*

Again... aw just hurry up!

What’s going on?

Card...card? Bloody hell...I need too pee, will you guys just HURRY UP!

FAIL! It’s not our day today!

70th Minute...Foul! Pennant down and I’m going crazy. I can picture the smirk on the faces of all the United fans at this point!

75th Minute...Only 25 minutes left.

Red Card. AWESOME! Wigan play with 10 men, this make things better for us, of course. But it will be embarrassing if we lose now.

I wonder if Torres can get on the field. I know he’s injured and all, but one can only hope.

It’s a good thing I have health insurance, I think I’m going to need it soon.

Corner. *Heart starts hammering again*

Dossena out, El Zhar in. El Zhar, sounds like a terrorist or a bull fighter. Good, we need one on right now. Benayoun on for Arbeloa. Interesting.

75th minute - Goal! Goal! Goal! *dances around making weird noises*

Riera scores his first goal and what perfect timing! What a beautiful step over by Stevie! Anfield’s thundering and my throat hurts from all the screaming!

80th Minute...With 10 minutes left, anything is possible. Wigan seems to be wasting time, which is a smart move on their part.

Nice try by Benayoun, but tries won’t get up those two needed points.

Goal again!! Dirk Kuyt to the rescue, I wish I could add a video of me here going absolutely crazy, but I can’t. So you guys just picture a crazy, nutshell of an 18-year-old running around a dark room with no lights except for the television glare.

Listen to Anfield! That’s loud!

85th minute...Marseille, Man United, Man City, and now Wigan, how many times are they going to do this to us?

I asked for ONE game to be a repeat of Istanbul, not all of them. Most Liverpool fans are surely to die before 20. Research says so. My personal research, no proof though.

90th Minute...Now it's our turn to waste time. Except there’s five minutes of added time, that is so unfair! What if Wigan score?  

Yeah right, as if!

"One day they won't be able to come back"

Why doesn't someone shoot the commentator already? He's getting on my nerves!

Sami’s coming on. Nice! Waste more time, Rafa! You smart man, you! Is it me or is Hyypia quite attractive? Ignore me here.

95th minute...Blow the whistle already, Mr Ref. No hat-trick for Zaki, please!


I’ve been dying to say this : Liverpool WIN! The comeback kings prove that title is one that will stick! 


Time to pop open the champagne.

Well, no. Bring on the tequila instead!

Score 3-2! And Liverpool continue to keep up the winning streak!

Cheers, and have a drunken good day!


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