TNA: The Wrestling Opus (Sacrifice 2011 Review)

Wrestling NerdsContributor IIIMay 16, 2011

Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of the current TNA product. I have been a fan of TNA in the past, however currently it is at a low point. That said, I was willing to give a TNA pay-per-view a chance as I thought there was a possibility it could exceed the current broadcast programming. Although it did exceed the weekly show, Sacrifice 2011 still wasn't up to par for what a PPV quality event should be.

I will review each match using my scale: 1 = poor match, 2 = slightly below average match, 2.5 = average match, 3 = good match, 3.5 = very good match, 4 = great match, 4.5 = amazing match, 5 = all-time match.

I'd give Sacrifice 2011 a 2.75/5 for the overall show. Very slightly above average.

The first match of the evening was Mexican America—Hernandez and Anarquia—vs. Ink, Inc—Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal—. The action was good as a whole, however I noticed multiple spots were the timing was way off and there were slow lulls in activity. Maybe the biggest blunder was the botched moonsault that completely missed its target by Ink, inc.

There was timely interference by Sarita and Rosita on behalf of Mexican America and the pacing was good enough, however this didn't seem like a PPV quality match. The finisher was a moderately tough bump, so I'll give it a 2.5 / 5.

After the match Jeff and Karen Jarrett hit the ring for a promo trying to sell Karen Jarrett's fake leg injury. Jeff delivered the promo surprisingly well, however you wouldn't know it as the audience was too intent on booing and cursing and didn't listen to what he actually said. Mick Foley came out, said something forgettable, then hit one of the corniest lines imaginable, "Wrestling matters". Eh.

The second match, Bryan Kendrick vs. Robbie E and Cookie was overshadowed by Kendrick's brilliant pre-match promo. The match itself was short and mediocre, however Kendrick's cult-like musings before, during, and after the match were a welcome addition to a roster full of monotonous non-gimmicks. The finisher looked to be a kick of sorts, and came out of nowhere. The finish was weak and the match was ordinary, however Kendrick's act raises the score to 3 / 5.

The Knockouts Championship was on the line as challenger Madison Rayne took on Champion Mickie James with Tara's servitude to Madison on the line. What happened? I can't even remember. The only thing that stood out to me was when Madison had a loaded glove on and was going to hit Mickie only for Tara to jump to ringside and pull the glove off. Instead of resisting Madison just let Tara take the glove. Why? Anyway, I give this match 1.5 / 5.

The X Division Title was up for grabs as Champion Kazarian was challenged by Max Buck. The match started off slow, but the pacing picked up in the second half. There were a lot of big power moves that led to near falls, which was good, however the finisher was weak and it made the previous power moves and subsequent kick-outs kind of puzzling. Kazarian and Buck are both mundane characters, and why exactly was this an X Division match? What made it X? Nothing that I could see. 2.75 / 5.

The fifth match of the event was Crimson vs. Abyss. The match started off fine, was slow towards the middle, and picked up again at the end. Crimson has a look and edge to him that makes me think he could eventually become a star. His finisher was weak though. I was glad "Janice" wasn't used. That weapon just looks too crude. Average match here: 2.5 / 5.

Beer Money versus Matt Hardy and Chris Harris was the sixth match. Chris Harris was supposed to be a "factor", but he sure didn't look or wrestle like a factor. The wildcat? really? His trunks were up to his arm pits to hide that gut. What a mess he was.

Matt Hardy was still as a stiff as a board as well. A lot of the moves were telegraphed and nothing stood out. Give me another Kendrick promo instead of this crap. 1.5 / 5.

Bully Ray had a nice locker room promo setting up his likely run-in during the next match.

A No-DQ match between AJ Styles and Tommy Dreamer was next. Dreamer slowed the match down, which was to be expected. However Styles was on, and carried Tommy throughout the match. Dreamer held his own despite this, and gave a solid performance considering his age and status.

Dreamer hit Styles over the head with a cardboard TNA sign at one point. Yeah, that must have hurt... Bully Ray finally made his run-in and clocked Styles allowing Dreamer to piledrive AJ through a table and get the pin. Christopher "I'm 40 years old yet still long to be a teenage Emo/Goth neb" Daniels then came in to run Bully Ray off.

I've noticed many loons in the IWC complain that Dreamer pinned Styles. Well guess what? Bully Ray interfered and hit him with a chain. What did you think would happen? All things considered this was a pretty good match: 3 / 5.

The mixed tag match of Jeff and Karen Jarrett against Kurt Angle and Chyna was upon us.

Luckily the Karen Jarret in-ring involvement was minimized as most of the in-ring action was between Angle and JJ. The match had good pacing and Angle is still money. Chyna had her spot with some power moves on JJ and a pedigree on Karen, before both the Jarrett's were simultaneously ankle locked. Decent match for what it was: 2.75 / 5.

Mr. Anderson with a pre-main event promo. Was he drunk?

Sting vs. Rob Van Dam's match for the world title was next. The match started slow, but picked up as they went through the crowd and whatnot. There were no huge bumps, although they took some damage. I thought RVD carried the match, but Sting eventually won with a weak and sudden finisher.

As a main event match I'm giving this a 2.75 / 5. If it was lower on the card it would be 3. It needed to be longer than 12 minutes.


  • TNA has too many quick pins. There were maybe 4 matches where the finish came out of nowhere and often were caused by weak moves.
  • I would have liked more dialogue between Mike "The Ghoul" Tenay and Taz. They had good chemistry discussing the main event. 
  • I didn't like Sting's pre-match promos where he had no make-up. Kayfabe, anyone?
  • Yeah, Mr. Anderson was tanked.
  • For TNA to succeed they need to differentiate themselves from WWE. Get the 6 sided ring back, have hardcore matches, get high flyers, and get these old has-beens off the air.
  • 1996 called, they want their music back. Come on, TNA; step your game up. The music is terrible.
  • I'm glad Ric Flair's wrinkly carcass was nowhere to be seen.