WWE Uprising: Let the New Age Reign

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMay 16, 2011

It’s hard to build new stars in today’s “Sports Entertainment” world.

Back in the glory days—Attitude Era/Monday Night Wars—, it almost seemed so easy to develop a pure superstar.

Not in today’s times though. Entertainment can become stale quick which leads to fans/people seeking entertainment to look for the next thing to keep them posted.

WWE is working to transition to the newer generation as the superstars of yesterday's times are coming to an end.

We as fans sometimes think it is so easy to get a certain superstar to the top…but is it really?

If you think about it maybe it’s a good thing that we haven’t seen Del Rio win the title and fulfill his “Destiny”.

This can go for other superstars as well who are looking to get to the top.


If you look at the Raw & SmackDown roster there are virtually no main event stars on each show except John Cena & Randy Orton.

This is why it was a good decision to move Orton to SmackDown.

To build stars WWE has to have them gain momentum. What better way than to do that then surpass one of the top two guys.

But this is all a work in progress for guys like Morrison, Daniel Bryan, Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre and others the time has to be right.

Otherwise we as the fans would suffer!

If we push most of these guys to the main event scene quick then, that leaves the rest of the roster lacking.

I believe WWE is working on building depth on each roster to get certain stars noticed!

But I don’t work for WWE so I really don’t know but we would hope so, how long could we stand seeing Cena and Orton at top?

But the lack of depth of main event stars in the WWE has the overall product suffering.

When fans really where interested in the product and were buying almost every pay-per-view and tuning in is because there where many things that interested the fan.

Now a-days there are really only one or two major story-lines on each show and the rest just being fillers, which basically amounts to nothing now.

Remember the days when the under-card matches use to steal the show?

We rarely see that now.

The WWE Draft has been affected as well which brought me to write this article.

Also after seeing how damaging it could be to lose a main star on a show (Edge), it is time for a change.

It was reported by sescoops.com:

Vince McMahon noted during yesterday’s quarterly conference call that WWE will be introducing “new live event programs” in the “not too distant future” with their current television partners. He added it “won’t be too difficult” to find a home for their expanded programming line-up.

So more TV time for WWE…

Now before I get to my main point….

Awhile ago WWE sent out a survey/poll to fans to decide on a new possible pay-per-view name. One of those names was Uprising.

For some reason that name just stuck with me and hoped it would be picked. But WWE decided to go with Capital Punishment.

The reason Uprising stuck is because it reminded me of a new movement, the new generation of stars, the mid-card and lower stars finally getting a chance.

So if WWE does not want to use that name for a pay per view well how about one of their new live TV broadcast?

Now all of this will make sense just give it a moment.

With WWE trying to push certain stars and to continue with specific story-lines, this leaves less to no time for the other stars trying to rise up and showcase their skills.

WWE Superstars is what WWE turns to, to give those superstars their time!

But this is not much of a help to get these guys noticed and build them up.

So why not build a new show where it is known that it is a lower show, with talents looking to make it to the main roster.

This will help out the WWE annual Draft as well. Instead of just swapping stars back in forth we could see stars actually being drafted from the new show Uprising.

Also to keep this show interesting you should have a record/ranking system.

Every match would be counted towards their record on WWE Uprising…after a year or maybe 6 months the records would be cleared.

Basically to have the records/ranking it would add to which brand added the better star depending on their record.

Also have fans give their input. Have them rank each match and superstar on each broadcast. This would give WWE a decent idea of who the fans want to see more of.

Now usually trades always go down during the draft, but if we have a show for the two major shows to draft from we could see trades throughout the year.

This way if a major star on a show gets injured we won’t have to rush a draft to fill the void. WWE could make a random trade or a pick up from the lower show.

WWE can then hold the draft like the NFL and the NBA, but in their own way.

To keep fans noticing what’s going on WWE could and should update fans on Raw & SmackDown.



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