Results Compared To 2007 China GP Identical For Ferrari and McLaren!

AnthonyCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2008

Quite amazing Q3 results for China today. If you look at the Q3 from last year the top four are identical in name and slower in overall times.

                   Q3 2007                      Q3 2008

Hamilton       1:35.908                      1:36.303

Raikkonen     1:36.044                      1:36:405

Massa          1:36.221                      1:36.809

Alonso          1:36.576                      1:36.907

Kimi won last year with a qualifying time barely different in Q3 times in comparison to the 2007 timing and from the looks of it, the 2008 timing results look like Ferrari have closed the gap even though post race, Kimi seemed somewhat hesitant to claim the Ferrari was equal to McLaren.

Massa really looked frustrated in the inconsistency of the Ferrari claiming a big difference in handling between Q2 and Q3. Lewis looked about as confident as I have seen him this weekend having claimed pole for the second year running, but he looked absolutely exhausted at the post race interview.

Given that Bridgestone has brought harder compounds to China this year you have to look at the Q3 times relative to last year and conclude that the slower times are due  to the compound of the intermediate and hard tyres. I think this favours Massa because he tends to be easier on the tyres in comparison to Lewis.

We all know what happened to Lewis last year and he had to use the escape road to avoid the gravel in qualifying again today.

I will have to say in looking at Lewis and Felipe; Lewis looked more relaxed than Massa. So the big question is the weather. Also, given that Kubica didn't make it out of Q2, will Robert go for a one=stopper and gain an advantage over the front runners if rain does come?

There is a massive weather complex in the Bay of Bengal that is feeding moisture into a upper-level low-pressure complex, stretching across China just to the north of Shanghai. The weather really plays into Kubica's favour, but that will be decided today, I mean tomorrow will be decided during the race. What time is it?