WWE's Jeff Hardy Syndrome: Can John Cena Play Triple H for John Morrison?

RiZESenior Writer IMay 15, 2011

In late 2007, Jeff Hardy began what would be the push of his pro wrestling career. After almost a decade of tag team and mid-card success, Hardy entered the main event scene with the help of a debated veteran.

After Team Triple H defeated Team Umaga at Survivor Series 2007, Jeff Hardy and Triple began working closely as a team. Both would save the other from proverbial beat downs by heel Superstars.

It was later announced that the duo would face off in a singles match for the number one contendership. In a grueling bout, Hardy shocked the by defeating Triple H with a roll up. This win was the beginning to a bright, main event future for Hardy.

As the saying goes, as much as things change, they stay the same.

After the 2008 WWE Draft placed Hardy on the SmackDown brand, he reignited his feud with Triple H. Instead of a friendly rivalry or a contendership, the feud revolved around the WWE Championship itself. The rivalry was also noted for the fact that Hardy came so close numerous times, but failed in the end.

Despite this, Hardy defeated Triple H and Edge at Armageddon 2008, exactly one year to the date where Hardy began his initial Main Event push.

Hardy reigned as World Champion on two other occasions before leaving the WWE due to "burnout."

The majority of wrestling fans believe Hardy would be a multiple time World Champion by now had he remained with the WWE, and the popularity of his merchandise, in addition to that of his feud with Triple H supply this theory.

The Triple H/Hardy formula was so successful, most wonder if it could be reutilized today.

Instead of Hardy, the WWE Creative Team would place a budding mid-carder in his place. This distinct performer should be a Superstar who’s capable of performing Hardy’s risk-taking spots. From analyzing the WWE and its last five pay per views, the obvious choice would be John Morrison. Morrison is one of RAW’s top babyfaces and besides his mid-card feud with R-Truth, hasn’t received a decent feud since his face turn.

If Morrison were to fill Hardy’s role, he would have to alter his mannerisms. Morrison’s psychedelic theme has become a staple to his character since ECW 2006, as has his ring attire, which was intelligently altered at WrestleMania 27. Since Edge has retired, Vince McMahon has decided to have Morrison fill Edge’s rock star gimmick.

While the Jim Morrison effect was clever, Sports Entertainment is all about evolution.

If Vince wants Morrison to be a suitable replacement for Edge’s rock star style, his gimmick must be altered. Instead of the psychedelic, '70s style of Morrison’s character, Creative should add some edge to Morrison. The new attire fits the proposed direction, but a new theme should’ve come with it.

A metal theme may be the solution.

Now that Morrison is rejuvenated, Creative must find a Triple H for the rivalry. Being that Triple H has retired, the WWE must utilize a mega face. Because of Morrison’s status as a RAW Superstar, who better to fill the role than John Cena? The face of the WWE has the tendency to bury his adversaries but this feud would possess something different.

On this occasion,  Cena would be feuding with a face Superstar.

Another notable difference would be the attention this feud receives. While Triple H was indeed a mega face, Cena is the biggest star in professional wrestling today. An unknown jobber could take on Cena tomorrow and we’d wonder who he was.

If you add a rising babyface like Morrison, the opportunities are endless.

Let’s say Cena loses the WWE Champion to whoever wins the RAW Money in the Bank ladder match. We know Cena wants to defend the WWE Championship against The Rock at WrestleMania 28. The determination and pursuit will ultimately lead to a clash between him and Morrison. Both competitors are looking to challenge the WWE Champion in a singles match.

The RAW GM sets a match between Cena and Morrison for a shot at the Championship.

The duo agrees to watch the other’s back to ensure no controversy and an overall great match. Numerous angles and tag team matches leading up to the pay per view itself. The match is seemingly predictable but a mistake by Cena ultimately leads to an Earth shattering win for Morrison. The duo shakes hands to ensure no hard feelings while Morrison begins the chase for the WWE Championship.

Morrison will suffer a defeat at the hands of the Champion only to have John Cena defeat the Champion at Elimination Chamber.

Cena’s the WWE Champion and Morrison continues his main event push.

Along the way, Morrison garners the proper time to expand his charisma.

Face vs. Mega face is the perfect formula but responsibility falls in the hands of WWE Creative. If the WWE was to follow this plan, they would create a star and provide a feud for Cena as WrestleMania 28 approaches.

This friendly feud could become equal, if not better, than the original Hardy/Triple H feud.

But once again, it’s all up to the WWE and its Creative staff.  It would be a stretch to have John Cena defeating every competitor on RAW as year long title reigns are seemingly impossible. Another factor would be the loss of Superstars.

With Edge retiring, CM Punk leaving, Triple H and Undertaker closing out their careers, the WWE has to create Main Event talent. They’ve pushed Alberto Del Rio, Wade Barrett, Sheamus, and Miz to perfection but each Superstar is a heel. John Cena, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Christian aren’t enough if the WWE wants to move forward.

It’s time to make John Morrison a main event player.

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