Money in the Bank: Which Star Will Reach New Heights? Save Us from Cena/Orton?

RiZESenior Writer IMay 16, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules 2011 marked a significant moment in WWE History.

John Cena regained the WWE Championship after almost a year of the title eluding his grasps. And Christian won the World Championship.

With Cena campaigning to hold the title for until WrestleMania 28, hardcore members of the WWE Universe are seeing threw the smoke and mirrors the WWE has created. In this day and age, the mere thought of a year long title reign sparks and uprising of humor and twisted jokes.

Despite our one sided opinions and lack of logical thinking, it’s extremely possible that John Cena will hold the WWE Title until WrestleMania 28. If anything, consider the fact that the WWE’s first quarter numbers weren’t as high as the company expected.

Simply put, there was more money going out than coming in.

John Cena plus the WWE Championship equals profit.

On the other side of the bridge, Randy Orton shattered the dreams of the IWC with his World Title win two weeks ago. Now Orton is booked to face Christian in a rematch, while Cena will defend against The Miz in an I Quit match.

The problem with the main event matches are a main event title match against John Cena or Randy Orton, 90 percent of time guarantees a loss.

So along with poor build up, the most important matches on the card are predictable.

Is Over the Limit worth the $49.99 with the numerous factors involved? No.

After Over the Limit comes WWE’s newest pay per view, Capitol Punishment. With Orton and Cena undoubtedly leaving OTL with the top tier titles, the pay per view is already written off as bland and boring. While Capitol Punishment will continue WWE’s string of disappointing ppv’s, the event that will succeed Capitol Punishment may give fans a lease on life.

The event I’m referring to is the Money in the Bank.

Headlined by the MITB Ladder match, this event is synonymous for having a scorching midcarder steps into the main event scene.

The first MITB Ladder match bestowed the rub Edge needed to cement his status as a main eventer. The following year saw Rob Van Dam fulfill the hopes and dreams of Veteran ECW fans by winning the match.

The next Mr. Money in the Bank was the only winner not to cash in the briefcase for the Championship. Mr. Kennedy had plans to cash in at the following WrestleMania, but Edge prevented this.

The Second City Saint, CM Punk, would claim the briefcase of two occasions. Punk was successful in both cash in’s and the second led to Punk’s superstar status we admire to this day.

The All American American, Jack Swagger was the next to step up and snatch his spot in the main event. Backstage heat and poor booking eventually led to Swagger losing the Championship and resuming his status as a mid carder.

After Swagger’s win, the WWE decided to give the match a pay per view.

The result, The Miz wins the RAW briefcase while Kane wins the SmackDown case and recaptures the World Championship after almost a decade.

The Miz’s cash in would come several months later at the expense of a weakened Randy Orton. Miz’s win sparked outrage and excitement among the IWC but the thought of a performer not named Randy Orton or John Cena as Champion was refreshing.

Now that we’re up to speed, can the Money in the Bank save us from the predictability of a John Cena/Randy Orton title reign?

While I still believe Cena will be WWE Champion come WrestleMania 28, the RAW MITB Winner can hold the title momentarily as Cena begins the chase to regain it. On the other hand, SmackDown has suffered its lowest reigning two straight weeks; the urgency to relieve Orton of the World Championship may’ve risen.

While Orton is indeed a mega face, he isn’t a performer the WWE should build a brand around. While Orton is an exceptional athlete, the WWE has focus on entertainment as of late. Randy Orton isn’t as entertaining as he once was. Orton’s robotic voice and dependency on the writers has displayed a major flaw in his game.

If two mid carders were to step up and claim the World Championships, which Superstars would fit the bill?

Since Money in the Bank is used to push mid carders to the next level, guys like Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, Christian and The Miz are easily factored out. For Smackdown, there’s one demented mid carder whose history with Randy Orton is well documented.  

The new and improved Cody Rhodes would certainly raise his stock with a win at Money in the Bank.

When analyzing the Smackdown roster, there’s no other suitable option.

Randy Orton has feuded with Sheamus and Wade Barrett. A feud with Mark Henry would be a stretch while the WWE doesn’t have enough faith in Christian to let the feud continue. In case you forgot, Orton punted Rhodes in the head at WrestleMania 26.

Another factor to consider is the fact that Ted Dibiase is also a part of Smackdown.

On RAW, the one man whose been knocking at the main event door is currently inactive. A series of dangerous spots at the past five pay per views has raised his stock considerably.

Now that his feud with R-Truth has been deactivated due to his injury, John Morrison’s return should be an interesting one.

Morrison’s return has been slated for late June or early July. In fact, Morrison should be one hundred percent healthy by the time Money in the Bank arrives. If not, Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler could step up as the mid carders worthy enough to end John Cena’s reign as Champion.

Despite my opinions, Money in the Bank is still two months away. The majority of us pray someone comes along and triggers change in the WWE.

We’re just going to have to wait for the results.