Bosh and O'Neal... Top Front Court Duo In The NBA?

David Aaron LindsayContributor IOctober 17, 2008

With the addition of Jermaine O'Neal (assuming he's healthy), the Toronto Raptors have potentially the top front court in the league. With JO and Bosh starting, the "abominable snowman" that is Andrea Bargnani first off the bench and Kris Humphries providing a shot of energy, it is not much of a stretch to argue the Raptors have one of, if not, the strongest front courts in the league.

Think of the teams that have All-Stars (or potential All-Stars) at both the PF and C positions:

The 76ers would be up there with Brand and Dalembert, although Brand has just as many, if not more, health questions than O'Neal. Dalembert needs to show he is more than a one year wonder. 

The Clippers have Kaman and Camby, who are probably more intimidating defensively, but lack the scoring ability of CB and JO (Not too mention the health questions that always seem to dog Camby).

The Lakers have 2 legitimate 7 footers in Bynum and Gasol, but Bynum is still fairly unproven and Gasol doesn't scare anyone defensively.

The Blazers might have the best upside of any front court duo with Oden and Aldridge, but Oden has yet to play a regular season minute and will definitely take some time to adapt to the NBA game. There is also a lot doubt out there about Oden's game offensively. 

Amare and O'Neal give the Suns some muscle but O'Neal's best days are LONG ago. But Amare keeps them in the conversation.

Obviously those are the top pairings, and I am by no means forgetting about the Garnett's and Duncan's of the league, but their dance partners are average at best.

I'm not sure what this actually means in the grand scheme of things. Even if the Raptors had the best front court in the league, I don't think that it automatically puts them in the finals or anything; as there are definitely more talented and deeper teams overall, but it is worth noting, and absolutely should be a blast to watch how well they are able to integrate and feed off each other. I think 20 games in, there will be some questions marks and doubts, but when everything shakes down at the end of the year, I believe Bosh and O'Neal will have left their mark on the league.