Stop the WWE Rumors/Speculation: Why Brock Lesnar Is Not Returning Anytime Soon!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMay 14, 2011

In the world of pro wrestling there are numerous rumors floating around. Some may end up true while others are…well simply far-fetched.

Rumors lead to speculation, and it’s not bad to speculate, but when it comes down to something obvious, it’s pointless to do so.

Another thing that hurts the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) is when we the fans jump the gun on something that is not accurate and just pulled out of nowhere.

When speculation simply turns into fans guessing when that “rumor” is going to happen and how it’s going to go down…that’s when things get out of hand and just annoying!

One of the most annoying things right now is who, when and how a certain past superstar returns.

One of the biggest superstars, who always has speculation around him, is current UFC fighter Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar use to dominate in the “squared circle” of the WWE, and right off the bat Lesnar was proclaimed by many “The Next Big Thing!”

He would sky rocket to the top and become the youngest (at that time) WWE champion.

But like many other superstars, Lesnar would suffer from the hard times of traveling, stress and injuries due to in ring action.

This would finally lead Brock to decide to step down and venture off to the NFL where he tried out for the Minnesota Vikings.

Those plans fell through and Lesnar found himself in a troubling spot as he did not know what to do. Lesnar has explained that he felt, that there was a knife to his throat which explains the tattoo he has with the blade leading to his throat.

But he would soon find something that would get him back in competitive mode, that being the growing world of MMA.

Lesnar would have his first fight against Min Soo Kim at K-1 Hero’s- Dynamite!! USA.  Where he would win via submission (punches).

This caught the eyes of UFC officials and Dana White as Brock had already built up a name/brand with his experience with WWE.

Brock would be thrown to the sharks immediately as he would face former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir. Lesnar dominated immediately but lack of experience would lead Frank Mir capitalizing with a submission (knee bar).

Lesnar would rebound and would go on a four fight win streak along the way winning the UFC heavyweight title against UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture. He would also avenge his first loss versus Frank Mir.

But his title reign would end as he was out-worked by Cain Velasquez with a TKO win via punches.

Speculation would erupt immediately as Undertaker and Lesnar would have a little stare down after the loss.

It was speculated that Undertaker was to do so to bait Brock into returning back to the WWE for a match against Undertaker at WrestleMania 27.

This would work as the web erupted with rumors and speculation on when Lesnar would return and if he had really been in contact with Vince McMahon.

Lesnar downplayed the rumors and repeated that he is an UFC fighter and that is where he belongs. Dana White did so as well by stating, “He’s (Lesnar) is under contract with the UFC." Meaning he would not be able to wrestle.

This was not the first time speculation erupted though as Lesnar had to step out of his first scheduled fight against Shane Carwin due to stomach illness diverticulitis.

Lesnar was set up to fight Junior Dos Santos in June to determine who would challenge Velasquez for the UFC heavyweight title.

But symptoms of the stomach illness returned which would limit Lesnar’s training and would lead to him dropping out of the bout.

Once this news broke out rumors/speculation erupted immediately on when he would return to the WWE.

But Lesnar has even stated himself he is not done as this time around the illness is not as serious as the first time.

Following from

I’m not retiring. This isn’t the end of my fight career. I believe there’s a solution to every problem. This isn’t the end of Brock Lesnar. This is a speed bump in the road.”

First of all, don’t you think this is the last thing on Lesnar’s mind (to return to WWE)? Lesnar has stated many times fighting is what he wants to do. He has not taken out the option of returning someday but that’s someday.

If he does return, I highly doubt it will be full time, maybe a match at WrestleMania but that’s it!

Lesnar is really into family and loves to be with his family, he brought his family to Vegas for the taping of TUF 13 (The Ultimate Fighter).

I don’t see why fans would automatically assume Lesnar would return to WWE while he is taken care of this illness again.

I am not the only one to feel this way either.

Following is from JR’s blog via on whether Brock Lesnar will return.

"The ‘Brock back to WWE rumors’ have already started which is an eye roller in my opinion. Brock is a UFC fighter. Brock was born to be a UFC fighter. Brock will be a UFC fighter until he decides otherwise. If Lesnar, for some highly unlikely reason can’t compete again in UFC, ‘perhaps’ he would entertain the thought of a one off, special appearance in WWE, like WrestleMania but that well may be nothing more than wishful thinking on some folk’s part and is, without question, nothing more than pure speculation.”

But to continue, all I have to say is I don’t hate the idea of Lesnar returning, but honestly I feel he won’t and fans should not instantly speculate, especially when Lesnar has not even hinted or brought up returning to the WWE.

We will all know when Lesnar will return to WWE when…Brock Lesnar says so!

So stop the speculating please.


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