Angler Advice: Anchoring Near Jetties

Jess KContributor IIIMay 13, 2011

The rocks that you see protruding into the sea are known as jetties. These structures serve to protect an inlet that has been dredged from the strong tidal currents that could otherwise fill the area. Also, they are a perfect landmark for boating anglers to go fishing. However, being able to safely anchor your vessel around these large rocks can potentially be rather dangerous due to currents and boat traffic.


If you are planning to drop your anchor near a jetty, you must first own a jetty anchor. You can purchase these in a variety of styles, but the standard versions are all that is needed. Unlike regular anchors, anchors made specifically for jetties are crafted from lead pipe and have rebar tangs allowing the anchor to free itself and bend when needing to be retrieved. You can purchase one of these anchors at just about any bait and tackle or sporting goods store. They truly are an valuable investment for a jetty angler.


Since tides will be moving rapidly in and out of the inlets, the resulting currents will usually be significantly stronger than one might first anticipate. These currents have the ability to turn and move boats that are extremely large. As soon as you decide where it is you will anchor, notice in what direction the current is moving in as it will either send your boat into the rocks, or it will push it away.

The direction and speed of the wind can also influence how your boat swings into the current. You will need to take note of this so that the wind doesn’t end up pushing your boat back into the rocks.

Now, plan so that when you drop your anchor, its placement will serve to move your boat away from the jetty. You will always need to be watching for any changes in speed and direction of both the wind and the water so that you can react quickly.


A quick change in tide can be the end of any boat that happens to be anchored beside a jetty, yet anglers will always want to be as close to these rocks as they possibly can as this is where the good fishing is. Because of this, it is important that you always anchor in a place that provides you with an easy out in an emergency. Large boats that are passing by have the potential to create large wakes that could further push you into the rocks. When anchoring near a jetty, you must always be aware and alert of your changing situations as there may be only moments for you to react.


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