The Top 25 AP Poll Is Garbage; And Here's Why...

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.comAnalyst IOctober 17, 2008

A funny thing happened for Ohio State on the way to the 2008 BCS National Championship game.

The past that continually haunts them caught up to them again and it just won't go away.

After getting absolutely blown away in LA on September 13th at the hands of #1 USC, the Buckeyes found themselves licking their national stage wounds once again.

This time however, the repercussions were far worse than one might imagine.

Having started the season ranked #2 behind Georgia, the Bucks slipped to #5 after struggling to an unimpressive win over the Ohio Bobcats while USC moved up to #1 after traveling across country and laying a Trojan beat down on the Cavaliers in Charlottesville before having a week off to prepare for the Bucks.

We all know how it played out. No Beanie Wells, too much of an ineffective Todd Boeckman, and not enough of Freshman Phenom Terrelle Pryor, not too mention an uninspired and ill-prepared defense all added up to yet another embarrassing beat down at the hands of the Trojans 35-3.

When the weekly AP poll was released Ohio State had dropped all the way to 13th, 8 spots and 1 week later Pryor was named the new starting QB.

After a 28-10 victory over Troy, OSU dropped, yes I said dropped, once again from 13th to 14th. After any easy win over Minnesota and closer victories over Wisconsin and Purdue, they have climbed "all the way back up" to #12.

Now here is where this article gets juicy and I really trash the AP!

In week 4, SEC front-runners #3 Georgia and #4 Florida both were home favorites vs Alabama and Ole Miss respectively.

Georgia proceeded to get blown out 31-0 in the 1st half and only came back vs a soft prevent defense and 2nd stringers for the Tide to end up losing 41-31.

Florida on the other hand struggled and trailed all game long except for in the 2nd quarter against Ole Miss and lost on a missed extra point to a team that is consistently an SEC doormat.

Some might say these were flukes and that Bama is a good team so Georgia losing to them isn't a big deal. That's true, Bama is a really good team so my biggest problem is with Florida. OSU should be at least 1 spot above them in the polls & thus the meaning behind the dead gator floating belly up with an Ohio State flag sticking out of it!

They dropped from #4 to #12, 8 spots. You might recall OSU dropped 9 spots total after losing to #1 USC and then beating Troy.

So does Florida get a pass because Ole Miss is actually a tough opponent despite the 2-2 record? They must be right? All we hear constantly is top to bottom, the SEC is tough. The worst SEC teams can beat the best from any other conference right?


Let me move on to Missouri before I wrap this discussion up for now.

First let me say that the Tigers are a very good team and Chase Daniel and Jeremy Maclin are 2 of the best players in America however, losing at home to then #17 Oklahoma State shouldn't result in dropping from #3 only down to #11 and still ahead of Ohio State who need I remind everyone one more time lost in LA on the road to the #1 USC Trojans, not an unranked team and not a team ranked 8th or 17th

Here's the bottom line as I see it:

I'm definitely not being a homer and suggesting OSU needs to be higher than they are but rather several other teams should be lower than they are i.e. Florida, Georgia & yes even the all-time media love-fest team USC!

Seeing how Ohio State dropped 9 spots for losing on the road to the #1 team, it is completely ridiculous that a team like Florida is #5 now after losing at home to Ole Miss or Georgia getting thumped at home by #8 Bama or Missouri dropping from #3 to #11 after losing at home to #17 Oklahoma State. They each only dropped 8 spots.

I'm just asking for some consistency in the AP poll and a better formula in determining how many spots a team drops.

Seriously, If you lose to the #1 team, you should not drop more than a team who lost to the #15 team or the #25 team or an un-ranked team that beat you when they had no business beating you.

People want to say the BCS doesn't work and they want a playoff system. That would be perfect, but may never happen.

The BCS does work because the AP is nothing more than biased opinion and popularity contest, PERIOD.

It doesn't help that practically every AP voter is drunk on USC and SEC Kool-Aid either...