Bedlam In Beantown

Jay LextonCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2008

OK stop. You're kidding right?

The October miracle that is the Boston Red Sox have done it again. Just when you think they can't possibly outdo themselves, they do.

Last nights thriller was nothing short of spectacular as the Red Sox once again found a way to come together and win. Francona's group of undaunted ballers recaptured brilliance late in last nights game in what will go down as yet another Red Sox October fairytale.

Clutch hits from veterans David Ortiz and Coco Crisp helped fuel Boston's comeback win and inevitably crushed the Rays hope of World Series glory, at least for now.

Some may call in to question manager Joe Madden's decision to stick with Dan Wheeler late, instead of opting for aid from his pen. Wheeler issued a lead off walk to Bay in the eighth before giving up a two-run homer to Drew. Coco Crisp added an RBI single during a 10-pitch at-bat to tie the game, 7-7.

"Nobody feels worse than the guys out of our bullpen right now, nobody feels worse. They've done a tremendous job all year." Madden told the media in his post-game news conference. And he's right, the bullpen has been the backbone of the Rays all year, but it almost seemed as Wheeler was hung out to dry in a stadium that is beginning to seem like the toughest place to play in all of sports.

The night ended with a J.D Drew walk off hit to cash third baseman Kevin Youkilis. The moment brought back nostalgic memories of recent post-season success that this franchise seems to ooze.

Now we look onward to Friday's tilt at the Trop that will pit wings Josh Beckett and Scott Shields against each other. The two combined for 26 wins this year, but surely both would trade all of those for one win tomorrow night.

As both Rays and Sox fans gear up for what is sure to be a great one, it is time to just stop and ask yourself, "Are the Sox finish-able?" Not beatable, even the greatest teams are beatable, but it's the historic ones that seem to have that edge, that refusal to die attitude, that are able to fend off playoff exits time and time again.

I'm not saying the Red Sox of 09' are a historic team by any means, but it is definitely a historic era in Red Sox nation, one that will continue on at least for one more night.