WWE: Why R-Truth Deserves To Be Considered a Top Heel

Travis Smith@TravisLeeSmith2Analyst IIMay 13, 2011

 R-Truth has been considered a pushover by many fans since rejoining the WWE in 2008. He didn’t get much television time unless he was tag-teaming with John Morrison or jobbing to some hot, young, heel talent like Drew McIntyre. R-Truth was just nothing more than a useful veteran to put over younger talent.

Well that all changed a few weeks ago when R-Truth turned heel by attacking John Morrison and slandering the WWE Universe.

R-Truth’s heel persona has gotten off to an absolutely hot start by attacking John Morrison on several occasions and actually being the guy on television that “took out” John Morrison (Morrison already needed neck surgery for a pinched nerve). The attacks were viscous by today’s standard of WWE television and it really allowed R-Truth to show an aggressive side that wrestling fans had not seen since he was in TNA.  

The recent heel push has now made R-Truth a true main-event player in the eyes of many, including me. I had always thought that Truth was a solid in-ring worker who was working under a gimmick that couldn’t get him over with the WWE Universe and the creative team.

Well, the heel turn has now shown me that Truth can be an aggressive heel superstar that can draw amazing heat by cutting promos that are simply classic.

Truth is on his way to becoming one of the top heels in WWE but needs to prove to all the critics that his in-ring work as a heel deserves to be put in the main-event spot. I think the WWE is doing a great thing by placing Truth in a feud with Rey Mysterio because Rey is one of the top babyfaces in the company and Rey can work with just about anybody and make them look great.

This “marriage” could be the big break Truth needs because Mysterio has worked with some of the top heels in his WWE tenure, always seems to make the feud look great and can put over the heel talent.

R-Truth has to show the creative team that he can work as a heel in an effective way that will put over his opponent and build up the mid-card showcase at pay-per-view events. This opportunity may only come once, so Truth needs to capitalize on it come Over The Limit and really have a solid performance against Rey Mysterio.

Now I am not saying that R-Truth will be the next WWE champion. But I believe that if Truth has some great matches against Mysterio, then he may get an opportunity to compete in a main-event feud against a top guy in the company at a major pay-per-view (SummerSlam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and WrestleMania).

Maybe Truth could even have a mini-feud for the WWE title against John Cena if the heel push goes as planned.

Truth’s heel turn is a needed thing for the WWE due to the lack of depth for the talent. CM Punk has been rumored to leave WWE and if that is the case, then WWE needs a top guy to take his spot; Truth could fill that spot if needed.

R-Truth is primed to have a huge 2011 as a heel and I believe that it is time for not only the WWE creative team, but the entire IWC to take R-Truth seriously as a main-event heel talent. Truth deserves this golden opportunity as a top heel and he may end up being the surprise story of 2011 in the eyes of the IWC.


Now if you have a comment on R-Truth’s heel turn, or anything about R-Truth then please leave a comment below. The only bad comment is not having a comment at all.