The Comeback Kids Do It Again...Are They Destined For Another World Series?

Mark RussoContributor IOctober 17, 2008

If you didn't get a chance to watch that game last night I feel sorry for you.  Even though I could not be at the game it felt like I was sitting in my house. 


I mean the environment at Fenway Park last night after David Ortiz blasted a home run in the bottom of the seventh was absolutely unbelievable.  These fans did not get a chance to breathe and I heard that 35,000 employees around the greater Boston area called out of work today due to partying and drinking until they passed out on Lansdowne Street. 


If you ask me last night the Boston fans proved why it is the greatest stadium in baseball and if you don't agree then you haven’t been there.  I had chills going up and down my spine just by watching imagine being there!!!!!


Enough about the atmosphere lets talk about the situation the Red Sox are in now.  Down 3-1 the Red Sox come back, was anybody surprised? The answer is no even though they did come back seven runs with seven outs to go that is irrelevant.  The Red Sox were destined to win that game and holding a 6-0 record when facing elimination in the ALCS I didn’t see that zero changing to a one.


Now last night was interesting because even though BJ Upton can hit the ball 500 ft he can’t field a baseball in center field.  That catch he missed can potentially haunt him for the rest of his life.  Now even though Carl Crawford isn't 100 percent he is an unbelievable center fielder and would have easily fielded the ball of Kotsay's bat.  That "error" led to the Drew home run in the eighth and brought back hope to the Boston faithful.


Matt Garza looked like a fool when they kept showing him on camera smiling the whole game thinking they had the game in the bag.  I didn’t see one smile wait I didn’t even see one player when JD Drew hit the walk off in the bottom of the ninth. 


All of the Rays staff was getting ready to celebrate the World Series birth.  Not so fast team Mohawk!!!!!  Your playing the Boston Red Sox ,the comeback kids, the ALCS killers.  Your pitching staff was unbelievable throughout the whole season especially your bullpen.  With two outs in the bottom of the eighth, that bullpen decided everything changed. 


Not only is this series far from over the Rays are on "tilt."  The Rays have abused their bullpen and they go back home to Tampa absolutely heart broken.  I don't care what anyone says these guys are too young to realize what they did by letting that game slip away.  The Red Sox team is way too experienced to give them a second chance.  Now you have to beat not only Josh Beckett who is considered maybe the best postseason pitcher ever, but you have to beat Jon Lester as well. 


I am by no means counting the Rays out.  They have been blasting the starting pitching from the Red Sox but to me it is an easy fix.  Now go back and look at all of the home runs by the Rays.  Show me one of those that weren’t a high fastball maybe one out of the six homers they had. 


The Rays are a fastball hitting team and the Red Sox just kept bringing the ball up and in and that is unacceptable.  If Beckett can manage to keep the ball low and get ahead of some of those batters he will have a better time then he did the first time in Tampa Bay.


This series might easily turn into one of the best ALCS’s we have ever seen.  If you are not watching this game on Saturday you are nuts.  College football is taking a back seat to this game this weekend.