Tiger Woods: What Does This WD Mean for Him and Sean Foley?

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Tiger Woods: What Does This WD Mean for Him and Sean Foley?
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So after today, I saw at least five comments on ESPN's Facebook page that irked me. Something like "faked injuries" just sounds ludicrous. 

Let's take a look a few of the arguments I have seen.

Faked injuries: Tiger isn't faking this. He certainly wasn't happy with how he played, but shooting a 42 is not Tiger Woods' worst golf. 77 is the worst Tiger Woods plays. I know, it's difficult to say that, but honestly, who really thought that Tiger would ever be in the position to shoot 80-something? 

Tiger won on a torn ACL and a fractured knee, a sprain is going to hurt him now? Yes, in fact a sprained knee can hurt. And after another surgery, I would imagine it gets progressively harder, especially since your knee becomes more fragile. I understand what he has done, but this Tiger is older, and has had more miles put on him.

Now, let's look at the positives: Tiger's got a month off if he wants to play in the US Open. He doesn't have to play the US Open. Tiger doesn't ever have to play again. But he will—only when he feels he is ready. When may that be? Nobody knows. But you can rest assured Tiger won't be out at the Memorial after this WD, because it would probably look pretty bad that he was able to recover that quickly (not that I'd care). After that, Tiger has even more time until the British Open, and can go over to Europe to hang out for a few weeks before the Open.

After all of this, as well, I feel we may be seeing a somewhat shocking revelation: Tiger will dump Sean Foley.

I don't know what it is, but I think that the injury coupled with the struggle is going to cause Tiger to make a snap decision. It's not going to be anything personal, but it's just business. Although I think Foley's theories aren't anything bad, he hasn't had any proven successes. Butch Harmon was a proven success of a coach, and Hank Haney was more established than the younger Foley. Tiger is going to be out on the market, so go get your teaching card!

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