DEI-Petty Enterprises Merger: Say It Ain't So!

Mitchell HallCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2008

Somebody make it stop.


This is the second crazy rumor in three weeks about Teresa Earnhardt's business.  Please, someone out there, anyone, go help her! 


The latest rumor relates to merger talks between DEI and Petty Enterprises. This has a strange resemblance to some of the last brilliant business moves made by the new heads of DEI.


First, it shows they are willing to consume an organization, like they did in Ginn Racing, just for the hope that more of a bad thing will hopefully make a good.


Second, it shows they are prone to stupid moves, much like allowing the prized Dale Jr. and Budweiser dollars to walk out the door. 


What does this mean?  It means another rung down the ladder for DEI. Let's analyze what this move would give them...


From the DEI stable we would have:

#01-no sponsor-rookie driver

#1 - Bass Pro for one more year, martin Truex Jr. for one more year

#8 - no sponsor, rookie driver

#15 - no sponsor, no driver


From the Petty stable we would have:

#43, no sponsor, Bobby Labonte

#45, no sponsor, no driver


I think I see a pattern forming there. If they do merge, they can revolutionize the sport and let their unsponsored cars sponsor each other.  This would probably fit inside of the realm of possibilities for the heads of DEI. 


At least they would have a massive, and I do mean massive, room full of old trophies!


The hint that Rusty was coming back proved false; I can only hope this one is false as well!


Tell me what you think. 


Go Kyle Busch and Jeff Burton!



Note: This message typed over an AT&T internet connection, the writer is sitting back sipping a NOS with a bag of M&M's looking at a magazine of Caterpillar products powered by Interstate Batteries!  There, I got the sponsor mentions.