Scott Boras' New Toy: Why Manny Will Still Be The Talk Of The World Series

Dan WadeSenior Analyst IOctober 17, 2008

Many baseball fans feared the side show that would have inevitably resulted from Manny Ramirez's return to Fenway. While the Red Sox may yet host the NL Champs, it won't be the Dodgers that come to call.

Their loss to the Phillies saved baseball from hearing "Manny being Manny" every other sentence for up to seven games, and will allow fans to focus on the games at hand, right?

That all depends on what Scott Boras learned from last year's World Series fiasco.

In the middle of one of a very exciting World Series, Scott Boras and his client Alex Rodriguez announced that A-rod would not be exercising his option and that his client was on the market. Only, there was no market. Free Agency begins after the World Series ends, so what Boras did was try to sell A-rod futures, in much the same way that you all should be buying gold futures.

The move proved to be as futile and stupid as most of what Boras says, A-rod did indeed opt out, but he immediately signed back with the Yankees for even more money. The savviest market watchers didn't even get a chance to line up suitors or estimate his value before the deal was done.

So, what Boras did was steal the stage from baseball's crown jewel in order to market a client who wasn't actually looking to move on from his current team. Imagine what he could do with the resurgent Manny, who really does want a new team to pester.

If Boras ignored the outcries from those within and without the game that this move was tacky and shallow, he'll likely try it again. After all, it worked, didn't it? A-rod got a shiny new contract with exactly the team he wanted. Since Boras clearly doesn't care what people think of him, my money is on Game Five as the game when Ken Rosenthal excitedly interrupts Joe Buck to tell us that Manny is looking for a five-year deal totaling somewhere around $140 million plus incentives.

Perhaps baseball would have been better off hearing Carver and Buck talking about Manny being Manny after all. It would have saved us all from the inevitable side show to come.