R-Truth: From Complete Jobber to WWE Main-Event Player

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIMay 12, 2011

Welcome to the first of my From...To series, which will look at several superstars and the changes in their characters and their rise to the top of the mountain, or their fall from grace. Our first installment in the series will focus on none other than R-Truth.

Ah, R-Truth. Man, what a complete 180 this man has gone through in just one month. For two years, since he returned to WWE, R-Truth has been depicted as a happy, break-dancing dude who always rapped and yelled "What's Up?" to the crowd in attendance. He was a great way to get the kids happy and all, but he could never be taken seriously as a big-time player with such a bad gimmick, and he easily became a jobber in no time at all.

For just about two years, he remained in the same place that he was—used to get over younger stars. Aside from a brief run with the United States Title, R-Truth did not have much success in the WWE. Adding in his age of 38, it seemed that R-Truth would always be destined to be a low-card jobber, brought up occasionally in multi-man main events to make other men look stronger.

But all that changed about one month ago in a shocking turn of events.

After being off WWE television for awhile, R-Truth came out of nowhere and won a Gauntlet Match along with John Cena to be in a Triple Threat Match at Extreme Rules for the WWE Championship. It was a complete shocker, and the IWC was confused, as R-Truth was seen by them as not main event material with how he was potrayed.

But the next week, John Morrison goaded R-Truth into putting his spot in the Triple Threat on the line against him, and the Master of Parkour came out on top. R-Truth was completely devastated at this and, as Morrison celebrated, R-Truth snapped—what followed was one of the most well-executed heel turns in recent WWE history.

R-Truh attacked Morrison from behind after the match, and proceeded to beat the crap out of him. At one point, he looked regretful, but it quickly faded as he finished Morrison off with his reverse STO finisher on the floor, telling him that he did this. He then took out a cigarette, and smoked in a public arena, in England no less! He then blew smoke at Morrison's body, flicking the cigarette at him and leaving to a chorus of boos.

In one single moment, he went from a silly, rapping jobber, to a dark, obsessed top heel.

This heel turn was done so well, and drew R-Truth so much heat. His promo afterwards was amazing, and kept the momentum of this turn going. He then interfered in the Triple Threat Steel Cage and destroyed Morrison and got a shot in on Cena, escaping the cage in symbolic fashion. He then brutally attacked Morrison once again the night after.

All of this, to prove that he's to be taken seriously and get a shot at the WWE title.

He's become obsessed with becoming part of the main event, to being taken seriously as a main eventer. After years of choosing the fans, he's finally opting for himself and has become a vicious, obsessed character with only one goal: to become WWE Champion.

It's hard to believe that just a few months ago, this guy was fighting William Regal on Superstars in a meaningless match.

The IWC constantly begs heel turns often for several superstars, feeling that doing so will refresh the character and give them a boost to the top of the card. And in R-Truth's case, they were right. They went from hating him, to praising his work.

The way R-Truth's character has been handled has been absolutely genius, really new and refreshing. While still needing a bit of work, his mic skills have drastically improved with this heel turn. It's like he's gone to a while new level with his change in character.

Now, I don't expect him to win the WWE title, or even be in the main event scene all that long due to his age, but he's proven that with the right character and material, he can hang with the big boys.

He has started a feud with Rey Mysterio, and is expected to continue the one with Morrison once he returns from injury, and I'm looking forward to both—and see how Truth works in both.

R-Truth has risen to the top a big-time heel, and it'll be interesting to see how he manages to keep that momentum going in his favor. He has a lot going for him, and I hope it doesn't go to waste.