WWE Backstage Update: Chris Jericho's WWE Return

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIMay 12, 2011

When I think about some of the best WWE Superstars in recent memory, a few names pop up in my mind as well as everyone else's. But one name that consistently comes up with just about everyone is the name Chris Jericho.

Jericho has been wanting to break out in the pop culture world in both acting and music. His band Fozzy has sold a ton of records world wide and have finally gotten to a point where they are doing well on American radio.

Their metal-like rock music seems to be striking a cord with we Americans, and worldwide they've always done well. This is why Jericho has left WWE. He was given a major opportunity to be on Dancing with the Stars.

For those that don't know, this show helps revive or start careers. It gets so many views on both days that it's on, that it's crazy to read how much AD money ABC makes with this show.

So Jericho was smart for taking ABC up on their offer. And no one is upset with him for doing it, unless you work for WWE.

WWE clearly missed Jericho nowadays, as their roster has thinned out some. There was a rumor that Batista was offered a WWE contract recently, but those reports have not been confirmed. Jericho, however, has stated he will come back (in so many words), but he has never stated when.

He has many tour dates with Fozzy this summer, so a summer return seems highly unlikely. However, WWE really wants to bring him in now and give him a small schedule, so he can work with WWE around his seemingly growing entertainment projects.

Because of the roster seeming to be thin, they really want Jericho back relatively soon, like Summerslam soon. However, seeing a Summerslam return would be unlikely.

Jericho would easily be able to return at a PPV like Night of Champions or Survivor Series, seeing as they are later in the year, and his Fozzy tour dates are pretty much over by then.

If Jericho does return, many believe he will be a face. However, he worked as a heel before he left. To me, his character would probably depend on the roster at the time. If there is a need for faces, he'd most likely be a face. If there is a need for heels, then he'd return as a heel.

Jericho is a terrific talent, and his return would be huge for WWE. And it looks like he is coming back this year. But don't expect a big build-up like his past return. Expect him to come back refreshed and in top storylines, however.

Most suspect he will be on SmackDown upon his return. But with the news that CM Punk may be leaving WWE soon, there is a thought he would go to RAW, especially with SmackDown being heel heavy.

However, as of now, RAW and SmackDown both have enough heels, while RAW has a limited number of top faces. So, if he returned next week, one would think it would be as a face.

More updates will be coming with this story, so keep coming back for any updates I get. Because once I get them, they will be reported.


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