#12 Ohio State (6-1) Fans Not Thrilled With Coaching; AP Poll

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.comAnalyst IOctober 17, 2008

Really??? We're the Buffalo Bills of the NCAA?

I remember the Bills playing in 4 straight Super Bowls and winning exactly zero of them.

Ohio State has played in 3 of the last 7 BCS title games but unlike the Bills, Ohio State beat unbeatable Miami of Florida aka "The U" in 2002 to cap off a perfect 14-0 dream season and brought home the BCS bling.

Are the Florida State Seminoles and the Oklahoma Sooners the original Buffalo Bills copycats then? After all, they are both 1-2 in BCS title games as well! Not to mention OU has lost 4 straight BCS Bowl games and FSU hasn't been near a BCS Bowl in forever so seriously, why does only Ohio State get treated like a Scarlet-headed step-child?

That's a whole other article so enough ranting on that subject (for now). I digress.

No.12 Ohio State is undefeated in Big Ten play heading into this weekends key match-up vs the No.20 Michigan State Spartans and look to grab a stronghold on the conference one week before "The Showdown in The Shoe" vs No.3 ranked Penn State next weekend.

Perhaps the remnants of Hurricane Florida, Hurricane LSU and Hurricane USC have drowned out optimism in Buckeyeland because on message boards all across the Internet, a couple of common and recurring criticisms of this Buckeye Team and this coaching staff can be found.

There appears to be no heart; no fight; no desire; no passion from many of the players and the coaches alike. There is no sense of urgency to improve. While the players and coaches seem to talk as if there is, the display on the field suggests otherwise and the fans are growing tired of talking up this team, then having to eat crow and come back down to Earth and rightfully so!

From what I read and hear, most fans are going to be thrilled when all these upperclassmen that came back for a title run instead of bolting for the NFL are gone.

I know the 2008 recruiting class was rated in the top five and that the 2009 class is currently rated No.1 and that's excellent news, but please do not throw our current players under a bus just because they're not as great as we all wanted and expected them to be. They are still college athletes and very good ones for that matter. The players really aren't the problem as I see it. If it wasn't for them, we'd be far worse off than 6-1, I promise you that.

The biggest problem is with the staff. Specifically, there are two obvious areas where there must be change!

1. The Buckeyes MUST hire a new defensive coordinator and stop playing soft zone all the time. I've heard Fickell might get a chance to take over and I'd be fine with that! Just no more Heacock, PLEASE!

2. Jim Tressel is a great head coach but not exactly great at calling plays so the Buckeyes also MUST hire a new, young, energetic and hands-on offensive coordinator to make the play calls and I for one really like Josh McDaniels, the current O-coordinator of the New England Patriots who just happens to be from Ohio!

There's no reason the Buckeyes shouldn't be a National Championship contender for the foreseeable future if these staff changes are made. I mean there are very few teams who could boast comparable talent to that which Ohio State continually has.

Don't get me wrong, being 6-1 vs Michigan since 2001 is quite impressive but in reality, they've been overrated that last two or three years and if you're a true fan of the Scarlet and Gray, beating them is great but it's not enough.

(By the way, you can watch OSU videos, check recent games & results and find many other Buckeye links and even keep track (make fun) of Michigan's 2008 exploits here if you actually care what they are doing week to week!)

It's about time the fans get rewarded and turn those frowns upside down and speaking of about time, I think 0-9 vs the SEC in bowl games has to come to an end NOW so as much as I want to see Ohio State playing in a BCS Bowl, I won't personally be that upset if they end up in the Capital One Bowl vs say Florida, Georgia, Alabama or LSU.

Well, unless somehow we go 0-10.

Then I will have to eat more crow and I will most definitely be upset by that.