World Hockey Championships 2011: Why It Doesn't Matter That Canada & USA Lost

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World Hockey Championships 2011: Why It Doesn't Matter That Canada & USA Lost
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Bravo, Russia. Bravo.

You managed to knock out Canada and hand them their second straight quarterfinals loss. Good for you.

Oh, and what’s that? Your friendly neighbors the Czechs kicked the Americans' asses? Wow! Great job, guys!

Okay, enough with the BS.

The two teams that met in the Olympic hockey finals are heading home from Slovakia without running over the competition in the World Hockey Championships. Big freakin’ deal.

Anyone notice how our starting goalie was a guy who also happens to be the backup on the Kings? Or how Team USA is sporting university players? Yeah, thought so.

No one cares that these two powerhouses were knocked out because they didn’t even come to play in the first place. Dany Heatley, Steve Stamkos, Tim Thomas, Brian Rafalski, Roberto Luongo, Ryan Kesler—I could keep going for a while if you’d like. Just a few names of guys who are North American superstars that aren’t present for the tournament because they’re too busy trying to win the Stanley Cup.

Oh, what’s that? Some of the best Czech and Russian players couldn’t make it deep into the playoffs? Yeah, sounds about right.

So, go ahead and cheer for these WHC victories. Go nuts over there in Eastern Europe. Take your Jagrs and Kovalchuks and enjoy these moments. We’ll be right over here shining our medals and doing push-ups so we can get ready to hoist the Cup.

Oh, and Russia, one more thing: I wouldn’t get too excited after you beat Sweden tomorrow. The Sedin brothers play for Vancouver in case you forgot.

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