I Quit Match: Why Cena vs. The Miz Will Be a Major Turning Point for the WWE

Seth GrausContributor IIIMay 13, 2011

Allow me to take you back to Judgment Day 2005, where John Cena took part in his first ever "I Quit" match.

Having just accomplished his goal of winning the WWE title, there was no doubt in any wrestling fan's mind that he would secure the title. As the self proclaimed "Dr. of Thuganomics" at the time of his first reign, he, in a slightly toned down gimmick, is now in his tenth world title reign.

From the time between his first "I Quit" match and his recent acquisition of the title, Cena also managed to come out as the victor in memorable "I Quit" matches again Randy Orton and Batista.

Cena, who is already slated to main event Wrestlemania 28, is already at the top. One more "bump" or "push" will do little to cement his position as the biggest superstar in the ring today, as well as the face of professional wrestling.

I'm sure many of you can grasp the amount of influence that Cena has on the industry today, so with that knowledge, I implore you to ask yourself: Does Cena need to win against the Miz?

A quick look into the past will show you that the "I Quit" matches that Cena participated in were against some very established superstars. JBL, at the time of his match, had the longest WWE title reign in nearly a decade, while Batista and Randy Orton were very close to Cena's level in terms of importance.

With all of Cena's history out of the way, let's take a quick look at the Miz. As a wrestler who Vince McMahon has openly referred to as the"future of the WWE", it's pretty clear that he has been booked quite strongly in the past year. Despite (in quite a shock) dropping the belt to Cena at Extreme Rules, the Miz is still on record as being the only wrestler to have defeated Cena in a singles match at Wrestlemania.

Even with the Rock's interference on the grandest stage of 'em all, the initial double count-out finish showed that the Miz would have retained.

With the Miz only one match away from being able to shatter the metaphorical glass ceiling stopping him from being a true "top guy," I honestly believe that the main event of Over the Limit will have him coming out strong. With it being common knowledge that it is simply impossible to push Cena up the ladder anymore (seeing as how he's already on the moon), I maintain that this encounter will be a turning point in the Miz's career.

Going in as a weak, sneaky heel against the very man whose moral code is "Never Give Up," the Miz is literally as underdog as an underdog can get. With the added knowledge that Cena has a 3-0 record when it comes "I Quit" matches, along with the knowledge that Vince McMahon looks at the Miz as quite possibly his biggest project at the moment, this match will not be a cookie cutter "Cena overcomes the odds" match.

Nay, this match will make the Miz a star.

And I will stand by these words even after the event. If there ever was a time, it is now. While I am almost positive that John Cena will win, I foresee a Stone Cold vs. Bret Hart type of finish, where the Miz passes out from the pain without giving up. While it may seem unlikely, the Miz has been coming off as quite a face nowadays.

From him playing off of the concussion he received at Wrestlemania, to his catchphrases that play off the audience, the Miz is mirroring a 1998 Rock (although I acknowledge that the Miz isn't as talented). In one way or another, I see this match putting over the Miz, either by making him face or making him look strong.

Or, as a very far away possibility, by actually having him win the damn match, although that would make me question why he lost the title in the first place.

I know that seeing some big plan in all this might be my attempt to reach at straws, but for once I actually feel as though this isn't going to be a plain Cena win. With all of the possibilities, any "major" event in the match will have an impact on both Cena, as well as the Miz, and thus would be a major turning point for the WWE.

Whether the turning point is successfully turning the Miz face, or successfully bringing him to the top, it's obvious to see that something will happen, whether it's to the aforementioned superstar, or even to Cena. With Alex Riley as an important player, as well as the Miz's character becoming somewhat of a tweener in the past weeks, it's not hard to see that there might be something more to this.

Or maybe Cena will lock in the STFU and the Miz will give up in seconds.