WWE Over the Limit: Why John Cena is Guaranteed To Send The Miz Packing

Michael SolanoContributor IIIMay 12, 2011

WWE Over the Limit: Why John Cena is Guaranteed To Send The Miz Packing

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    I’m not one to tell people how they should spend their hard-earned money. But if you want to know how WWE’s upcoming Over the Limit pay-per-view will turn out, the results are already in.

    Yes, John Cena successfully retained his cherished WWE Championship at the May 22nd event. Once again, he overcame the odds to defeat The Miz in a grueling "I Quit" Match. It was yet another career-defining moment in the already legendary career of the man they call, simply, "The Champ." 

    Even though this match is still more than a week away, there’s absolutely no question about its outcome. You don’t need a time machine or special access into the minds of WWE Creative to figure out exactly who will come out on top when the final bell rings.

    If you haven’t noticed, the “winds of change” in WWE that Wade Barrett once mentioned have been blowing in a very familiar direction lately. Unfortunately we, the fans, are caught downwind. 

    Not convinced? Here are five reasons (one for each shuffled knuckle) why West Newbury’s favorite son is guaranteed to walk out of Seattle with the gold still around his waist. 

5. Alberto Del Rio

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    It may indeed be Alberto Del Rio’s destiny to one day hold WWE gold. It just may not be a destiny fulfilled anytime soon. 

    However, with the Mexican aristocrat’s move to Raw in the 2011 draft, one thing that does seem destined for Del Rio is an imminent feud with John Cena for the WWE Championship.  

    Word is that the current plan is for Cena and Del Rio to main event SummerSlam on August 14. This, of course, would suggest that one of these men is WWE Champion heading into the event. Logic dictates that this would be the man currently holding the strap. 

    The Miz is a performer who was perfectly slow-played from Diva Search host to tag team specialist to main event superstar and champion. Unfortunately for him, he’s about to be overtaken as the top heel on Raw by a man who has enjoyed a swift and meteoric rise to the top. 

    Let’s face it, Cena vs. Del Rio at summer’s greatest spectacle is truly, to borrow a line from the former champ, “must-see.”

4. Returning Superstars

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    Speculation has been rampant about the impending returns of two top WWE stars: Batista and Chris Jericho. 

    A Jericho-Miz feud has been rumored for when the former Ayatollah of Rock’n’Rolla finally returns to the ring. The anticipated fan enthusiasm for Jericho’s return will almost certainly make him a face, and the mic work we’ve come to expect from these two could help build a fun and interesting rivalry. And don’t forget, these guys were tag team partners just a year ago. 

    Meanwhile, the last time we saw The Animal, he was a broken man, bitter over his inability to achieve the fame and accolades of one John Cena. Their battles up to and past WrestleMania XXVI were decisively won by Cena, leading Batista to “quit” the company on an episode of Raw, never to be seen again. 

    Batista carries the star power to jump right into the main event picture whenever he returns, leaving The Miz in the rear view mirror. 

    The returning stars of yesteryear fit perfectly into the aforementioned feuds, thus again derailing The Miz’s title aspirations.

3. Recent History

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    Until John Cena mentioned it, had you realized it had been 10 months since he last held the WWE Championship? 

    For a guy who always seems to have his hands on the gold and his name in the main event, 10 months seems like a long time for him to go without the title. That’s what a six-month program with The Nexus will get you. 

    Now that the gold is back in Cena’s possession, it wouldn’t make much sense for WWE to take it off him after just three weeks. Besides, mind-boggling title changes are exclusively the hallmark of the World Heavyweight Championship these days.

    Historically speaking, Cena has had lengthy runs when he's held the title. May 22, the date of the Over the Limit pay-per-view, will be his 968th cumulative day as WWE Champion. That's fifth all time, ahead of such legends as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and the next man on our list...

2. The Rock

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    Cena has promised The Great One that he will be WWE Champion when the time comes for their epic clash at WrestleMania XXVIII. 

    If there’s anyone who can keep that promise, it’s John Cena. 

    We’ve already mentioned Cena’s marathon title runs. The longest was a staggering (and for the fans, stagnant) 380 days, an old-school reign the likes of which had not been seen for almost 20 years. 

    For Cena to make it to Miami with the title still intact, a pedestrian 11-month run is certainly within the realm of possibility. 

    Hell, he could even lose it once or twice just to mix things up. There’s plenty of time for him to get it back. It just won’t be to The Miz at Over the Limit.

1. The "I Quit" Match

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    John Cena never gives up. He’s made a career out of never giving up. No matter what the odds, the obstacles, the impossible circumstances, the man simply never gives up. Did I mention he never gives up?

    John Cena is 3-0 lifetime in I Quit Matches. JBL, Randy Orton and Batista all know what The Miz is about to find out. There’s simply no way to win this match against a man who will never, ever, quit. Somehow, this was more endearing when it was Mick Foley’s deal. 

    Speaking of Mrs. Foley’s baby boy, pretty much the only way for The Miz to win this match is to render Cena unconscious, then play a recording of Cena saying “I Quit,” the way The Rock did at the 1999 Royal Rumble. 

    That seems like quite a stretch, or does it?


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    Perhaps, just perhaps, The Rock will pull one over on Cena by making a surprise cameo at Over the Limit. He could wish Cena luck backstage, then play the recording to screw Cena out of the title, just as he did to Foley 12 years ago. 

    Wait a second. WWE acknowledge its past and throw a curveball at us that makes way too much sense? Sorry, Miz, you’re out of luck. 

    Let’s just hope that after this feud ends, The Miz doesn’t suffer the same fate as others who have recently tried their hand at the main event scene. (see: Barrett, Wade and Swagger, Jack) 

    Fortunately for Miz and WWE fans, it looks like His Awesomeness is here to stay. Sure he may soon be stuck in a lackluster snit with Alex Riley, but an eventual program with Chris Jericho can only boost his already promising career. And that truly is awesome. 

    Meanwhile, John Cena wins at Over the Limit, retains against Alberto Del Rio at SummerSlam, fends off Batista, and survives his historic encounter with The Brahma Bull at WrestleMania. 

    In other words, there are two things at this point of which we can be certain. One is that John Cena will unquestionably defeat The Miz next Sunday. 

    The other is that for the foreseeable future, The Champ is here…to stay.