Pro Wrestling: 5 People Who Could Bring Managers and Stables Back

troy smithContributor IIIMay 12, 2011

Pro Wrestling: 5 People Who Could Bring Managers and Stables Back

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    Much has been said over the past few years about the loss of managers in wrestling. We all can name some guys that have failed to get a big as they could, simply because they weren’t great on the mic. Guys like Jack Swagger, Amazing Red and Shelton Benjamin come to mind.

    I also miss manager led stables in wrestling such as the Heenan Family. I think that there are guys who aren’t really doing much together that could do some good as a group.

    I’ve heard some talk about WWE bringing back managers, so in this article I’m going to look at five people in WWE and TNA that could be good managers for some up and comers and possibly even bring back stables.

1. Vickie Guererro

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    She’s the only reason why Dolph Ziggler isn’t a jobber. On his own, he’s not an interesting character, but luckily he has Vickie to get his heat for him.

    Vickie has cooled a little bit, but she still can make the entire crowd boo with just two words. Guys like Otunga, Joe Henning and Drew McIntyre could benefit from her.

2. Karen Jarrett

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    Karen gets instant heat every time she steps into a TNA ring. The fans HATE her with a passion.

    Once this story with Jeff and Kurt is over, there is potential for Karen. I think this feud will end with Kurt retiring Jeff Jarrett.

    Karen could come back a few months later with some new young guys that can go in the ring. They won’t have to talk much. They just have to look like assholes and have Karen talk for them. Indy teams such as the Cutler Brothers and F.I.S.T. come to mind.

3. Ric Flair

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    Like many of the older stars, Flair has lost a little step in the ring. However, he has not lost his incredible speaking skills.

    Flair still cuts amazing promos every time he gets on the mic. Flair would be a great manager a new fresh face heel in TNA. A few months ago, he actually made Rob Terry look good.

    I would love to see someone like Scrap Iron Adam Pearce or, NWA Hollywood tag team, Natural Selection. Also, the TV Champion Gunner would look great with Flair.

4. Sting

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    Much like Flair, while Sting isn’t as great in the ring as he used to be, he’s still a great talker. Sting promos are one of my favorite parts of Impact each week.

    Also, how rare are baby face managers?

    What Flair could do for a new young heel, Sting could do for a new young face. Both of these guys could form stables and they could feud with each other. Imagine two groups of fresh-faced guys having a feud with Flair and Sting cutting their classic amazing promos. It would be fantastic.

5. Michael Cole

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    “May I have your attention please.”

    Those words send the entire WWE universe into a chorus of boos. Pairing Michael Cole with Jack Swagger of the past few months has done wonders for the all-American American. What he has done for Swagger, he could do for some of the other lost young stars in WWE.

    He can keep managing Swagger on Raw, but I would mainly use him on SmackDown where he could do more good. We could call his group the Cole Mine.

    Alex Riley, Brodus Clay and the Uso brothers are all on SmackDown with nothing much to do. Michael Cole could make them meaningful again.


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    What do you think of my choices? Who do you think could make a good manager in WWE or TNA today? Who do you think needs a manager the most?

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