WWE Breaking News: John Morrison Neck Surgery a Success

Al Constable@AlBleacherSenior Analyst IMay 12, 2011

I'm sure there have been some people waiting for the news,  so here is the official verdict: John Morrison's surgery was a success, according to the man himself.

On twitter he stated:

"Surgery went well- the RN said I now hold the juice box record! I drank 14 tiny juice boxes be4 they said: "maybe u should drink water now."

In addition to this, Jim Ross (J.R.) mentioned on his blog:

"Good news on John Morrison’s surgery to repair a neck issue. Not major or overly invasive and Morrison should be back in the ring in a month or two or so we assume. John would be best served to return later rather than sooner, make sure that he’s 100%, at a minimum, not to mention it would be cool seeing him on Raw rehabbing himself back into ring shape which builds anticipation for his return. One suggestion to Morrison is to watch various Shawn Michaels bouts from different times of HBK’s career to see how Shawn kept reinventing himself in route to becoming the best in the business."

If J.R. is correct, the WWE will be hugely pleased. It is obvious that Morrison was going to start working a feud with R-Truth for the upcoming PPV, Over the Limit, but the injury forced a change in plans.

It was originally predicted that The Shaman of Sexy would have to be out up to half a year. With this being shortened to a month or two, it will seem like nothing in comparison to what was originally foretold.

J.R. is definitely correct on one thing, though. WWE should really begin to hype his return when he starts training again. Whilst comeback hype has failed in some cases (e.g. Mr. Kennedy) it has also been proved to be a success (like Triple in 2001). John Morrison definitely has the fanbase that would eat up a return package for the Monday Night Delight.

Here's to the quick return of John Morrison. Although, not too quick so he recovers fully.