Savard gets powerplayed

Light the LampSenior Writer IOctober 16, 2008
Guide a team to their best record in 5 years in your first full season as a head coach and what's your reward after starting 1-2-1 the follwing year?

A pink slip in your stocking.

That's reality for former coach Denis Savard today after he got "powerplayed" out his coaching job by the new management team in Chicago.

A lot of eyes were raised in hockey circles when 'hawks management hired Scotty Bowman and even more were raised when former Avalanche bench boss Joel Quenneville came on board as a "scout" a few week later. Many thought Savard was on a short leash.

Turns out they were correct.

Quite frankly I think Savard took it up the keister on this one. I think the new 'hawks management had an itchy trigger finger and were just waiting for any kind of excuse to get "their guy" behind the bench.

Quenneville is a proven coach with a winning record so it will be interesting to watch where Chicago goes from here - especially after the 10-game new coach "bump" that every team receives when a new guy is brought in.

Puck-rakers announced today's practice lines and where we may expect Filatov to fit in:




Those lines make sense to me. I wouldn't mind seeing Modin up there with the kids as a trigger man but he's more of a gind it out type player who looks for open space to get his shots off versus Chimera who is better on the rush which plays to Brassard and Voraceks game -- unfortunately he lacks that finisher's touch (just keep your stick down Chimmer!).
I'd really like to see Modin get on the board and get it going though. Its obvious he's still shaking off the rust but we need him contributing.
As far as Filatov he's playing with a couple of guys who play the right way and with Modin as the other wing he's got some skill on his line. I look for him to get 8 or so minutes tomorrow with some quality PP time.
The d-lines stay the same. I'm sure they spent quality practice minutes working out the kinks with Leclaire. The Jackets can't afford to give points away due to simple communication errors.