Why Scott Speed Will Be Successful In Sprint Cup

Horn FanSenior Writer IOctober 16, 2008

This is the first article for the soon to be new Scott "Speed Demon" Community on B/R. Mary Jo, LJ, and I all feel he's going to be a star in Sprint Cup, he's not your typical cookie cutter driver and thought it would be cool to start a fan club for him as a community on the site.

The idea is to have real articles about Speed's adventure in Cup, to discussion articles with quotes from him or his outlandish sense of fashion and anything interesting you see about the Speed Demon.

Anyone can write in the community and feel free to leave comments.

Are you ready for some Speed? 

OK, but are you ready for Scott Speed?

Painted blue toenails, flashy designer clothes, complemented with some funky shoes, outlandish head gear, loose talk, and plenty else that doesn't fit NASCAR, he's coming to a track near you.

And Speed just might be the next Sprint Cup star.

Here's why he's already exceeded Team Red Bull's expectations, according to Jay Frye, he's a year ahead of schedule for his Cup debut.

And why he'll be successful.

Speed is not only a quick driver, but his best asset is that he also a quick study. He can take criticism, he listens and really wants to be successful.

He's in top-notch equipment with Red Bull's backing and it's a perfect match for both. They have shown alot of patience by running him in both ARCA and a limited CTS schedule and this should be a benefit for him.

Now what's more impressive, when you realize the deal with Red Bull was for only the 2008 season in ARCA driving for Eddie Sharp, then included a limited truck schedule added with Bill Davis Racing  and now he's going Cup, signed to a multi-year contract. Not bad.

Another plus for him that will help him in Cup, Mike Skinner and Johnny Benson both great veterans are his teammates at BDR and don't think Speed hasn't questioned them for pointer's. He's also clicked with Doug Wilcox, his crew chief in the truck series.

The thing that's impressive with Speed is that on tracks he's never seen or driven on. Usually his third or fourth lap, that's when he'll run his best lap.

"He adapts very very well to new things," said Richard "Slugger" Labbe his mentor and a former Cup crew chief.

Speed seems to be comfortable with the stiff characteristics of the new Sprint Cup car, which reminds him some what of his old ride in Formula One.

He saids, "I feel more comfortable in what I feel and what I want to change as opposed to the old Cup cars, the ones I raced in ARCA."

Labbe said, "Speed just doesn't know any different." He never drove the old Cup cars, which had seven inches of wheel travel, where the new Cup cars have just two and a half. With F1, it's an inch and a half of wheel travel.

It's a big difference, but Speed just doesn't know any different and makes it work.

Speed's has plenty of help-Labbe showing him the ropes and the tricks of his new NASCAR environment, Randy Cox and the rest of the Red Bull R&D team shepherding him through tests, and Jimmy Elledge his crew chief for the No. 84.

He's working with a group of engineers who help him improve the car using methods and systems not too dissimilar  from what he was accustomed to in F1.

And as for the style? It's part of the package. Just as long as fans realize there's some substance underneath and he really does live up to his last name.

And is Speed ready, absolutely.

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