WWE Young and the Struggling: How WWE Is Trying to Manage Struggling Talent!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMay 11, 2011

With top performers narrowing down and new performers looking to make their break now is the time to start pulling the trigger on creating new stars!

Over the last year maybe even two we have seen WWE start to transition itself from the old generation of stars to the new.

Everything great can’t last forever as we all know; WWE knows this as well. We have seen top/historic performers like (HBK) Shawn Michaels bow out, Edge retiring due to a serious/nagging neck injury with Triple H and Undertaker soon following after.

This has drawn a deep concern for WWE officials, if you look at who is at top now there are really only two true top performers being Randy Orton and John Cena.

These guys can’t be at top forever and WWE knows this as well also.

WWE has a deep pool of talent, but many of them still need tweaks to be that top guy or gal.

We have seen many experiments for example: Jack Swagger, Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler each of these stars have had major gold.

Why are they still floating between the mid-card and main event scene then?

Well WWE must feel they are not ready yet and still have a few things to work out.

We have even seen Ziggler “Mr. Perfection” go from golden blond to dark and even shorter hair. Many fans have described this as being a mistake and that WWE just made him look like other performers like Orton and Ted Dibiase.

We have yet to see much from “Future World Champion” Drew McIntyre, who which had a nice run at first when he debuted on SmackDown. That nice run as slowed down and now he is on Raw.

With other story-lines going on McIntyre could get lost in the shuffle.

Now when many critics critique stars looking to be on the rise, one thing that always comes up for the reason for the star being held back…that thing being microphone skills.

One of the biggest stars being pointed out about this is John Morrison, who has all the skills to be a great main event star except one being microphone skills.

Some feel that his skills are good enough to get him over; we have seen Morrison a few times possibly getting pushed but being knocked back down due to behind the scenes issues.

Other stars have this similar problem as well as they have great in-ring abilities but do not know how to get over with the crowd with their microphone skills.

But maybe WWE is looking to bring in help to help these certain stars get over.

One big thing that has been missing that has helped many stars get over like, Brock Lesnar is something that used to play a big factor back in the day which is a manager.

Lesnar had the brute force and dominate aggression in the ring but one big thing that helped him get over big time was Paul Heyman.

WWE is possible looking to bring this factor back.

Following was reported by sescoops.com:

Tyson Kidd was accompanied by SmackDown head writer Michael Hayes at last night’s WWE Superstars taping in Nashville, Tennessee. He faced Trent Barreta.

WWE officials have discussed reviving the manager role for some heel performers who can’t speak at a main event level.


This is great news as Tyson Kidd and others have great performances but don’t have the microphone work to get over with the crowd.

Having a great manager to handle this factor could possibly have the talent on a rise to the top.

Just picture if Shelton Benjamin had a manager when he was a heel in the WWE!

This is a decent move by WWE and could help many struggling stars get over.