The JT O Sullivan Show:An Analysis Of JT's Perfromance in The Bay Area

Tavis InoCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2008

  The 49ers currently stand 2-4 going into the sixth weekend of the season,and to be honest as a fan I'm happy as can be.Last year the 49ers started off 2-0 but quickly fell to become yet again the laughing stock of the league.Alex Smith in the eyes of 49er fans was turning into a bust,and there really was no hope what so ever.This year however things are slightly different the 49ers are putting points on the board and playing some exciting football.And leading the way is none other than...Jt O Sullivan.
  Now to be honest when Mike Nolan first named Jt O Sullivan the starting quarter back i was shocked and was wondering two things,one first off is who is Jt O Sullivan,and two why wasn't it Shaun Hill.Well Jt O Sullivan has proven himself to me,but first lets take a look at just exactly who Jt O Sullivan is.
  Since 2002 Jt O Sullivan has traveled all over,he has been with 6 NFL Teams,throughout this team never being a starter,and even spent some time in Europe.He came into San Francisco having knowledge of the Mike Martz offense from Detroit and won the starting spot.So far into week 6 JT O Sullivan has seven touchdowns and 8 interceptions with 1,291 yards.He is clicking with the offense and they are moving the ball something that San Francisco has had problems with in the past.The 49ers are among the top teams in letting off sacks,Jt has been able to play through 6 games and has taken some ugly beatings,and still perform and give them chances to win games.
  One thing that Jt does very well is he puts the ball in catchable spots for the reciever,he is able to step up and deliver a throw before the reciever finishes his route and hit him right on time.He also brings some mobility to the table,while hes no Mike Vick he is able to move around in the backfield and buy him some extra time.Also is for once we have a quarterback who understands the offense.And the guy is tough he can take hits and get back up as we have seen in these first few weeks.
  How ever some problems that Jt has is he struggles in the red zone.As we saw against New Orleans he had a hard time throwing when the 49ers got inside the Saints twenty.His accuaracy seemed to be a bit off.Also in the same game towards the end of the fourth the Niners were driving and he wasnt getting the 49ers into a hurry up mode,however things like this will come with experience.He is still pretty raw as a starter.
  49er fans can expect a better season and some more entertaining football from the boys in the bay.And defenetely a better season for our quarterback.Expect Jt to mature over time as the season progresses.