In Roy Williams Trade, Which Big "D" Wins?

Matt SearContributor IOctober 16, 2008

Was trading Roy Williams a good move for The Lions? Well, if you ask people around Detroit, some love it, some hate it, and some are like me. I hate to see him go, but I'm satisfied with the compensation received. And of course, I view it as another first round Matt Millen draft pick squandered.

Roy is a great talent and a pretty decent guy. He may at times be outspoken and he may at times be flamboyant on the field with his constant "first-down" gestures. He also may get frustrated and act out on those frustrations on occasion (who can really blame him). But to me, that only shows that he cares. He's loyal and he has a desire to win (more than I can say for the man that drafted him).

So, now Dallas gets a Pro-Bowl receiver to compliment Pro-Bowlers Terrell Owens and Jason Witten. Along with loyalty (he already has signed a contract extension in Dallas,) and a desire to win. Williams also grew up in Texas and is a lifelong Cowboy fan. It seems like a pretty good fit to me.

In return, Detroit gets a 1st, 3rd, and 6th round pick, which gives them five of the first 100 picks. Not bad for them either, as long as they use them properly. First off, they need to draft an offensive lineman or two or three. It is here in which a good offense is built upon. It starts in the trenches, and as for now, the trenches are a mess. Without a good line, you can't establish a running game. If your QB is always under pressure, it will lead to many sacks and forced throws. And we all know that leads to lots and lots of turnovers. With the Lions already weak offense, they cannot afford to turn the ball over.

The already inept offense, in my opinion, will get even worse. With Jon "fumble-itis" Kitna on IR, coach Rod Marinelli for some reason (unknown to me) has chosen to go with Dan Orlovsky over former MSU standout Drew Stanton. Unlike Orlovsky, Stanton brings the abilty to scramble, which is needed with the offensive line woes. Along with that, he is much more accurate passer than Orlovsky.

With Williams gone now, that leaves the highly talented Calvin Johnson as the "clear-cut" No. 1 receiver. Already Orlovsky's favorite target, he will see even more balls thrown his way, which is good for Johnson. The downside, however, is that opposing defenses will now have to adjust to him to key on. Not to take anything away from Shaun McDonald or Mike Furrey, but "Megatron" is in a league of his own.

So, in conclusion, I say good luck in the other "D" Roy. It was nice having you here. I have no doubt you will see the playoffs before we do. And we will see in the near future how this works out for the Detroit Lie-downs. Football Gods will be with us here in the real big "D". And please, do me a favor, thank the hockey Gods for the Red Wings.