WWE Over the Limit 2011: Batista to Return and Nine Other Predictions

Will J BakerCorrespondent IIIMay 11, 2011

WWE Over the Limit 2011: Batista to Return and Nine Other Predictions

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    WWE's second annual Over the Limit pay-per-view is around the corner and the match card is starting to become apparent.

    However, the only definite match booked is John Cena versus the Miz for the WWE Championship—an "I Quit" match which has shades of Cena's feud with Batista last year.

    Will Over the Limit become the Fatal Four Way of 2011? Or will we be surprised with a quality PPV?

    I am going to put my neck on the chopping block with 10 predictions that may or may not come true.

Kharma to Make Her in-Ring Debut

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    So far in her WWE career, Kharma has limited herself to attacking divas after their matches have finished.

    Michelle McCool, Maryse, Alicia Fox and Eve Torres have fallen victim to the fearsome woman formerly known as Awesome Kong in TNA.

    There has been much speculation about who her first opponent will be and when she will first lace up her boots in an official match.

    Over the Limit seems to be the perfect place for Kharma to debut as it might influence some people's decisions about whether to buy the PPV.

    Kharma has been a curiosity, and people are interested to see what she is capable of doing.

    Many names have been thrown around, with her old sparring partner from TNA, Gail Kim, a potential option.

    However, based on her attack this Monday on Raw, Kelly Kelly seems to be the stand out choice.

    Kharma has twice interfered in Kelly's matches, and the behemoth chased her away from ringside the first time.

    The WWE has revealed that they are trying to make Kelly the next Trish Stratus, and now that McCool has left, it is safe to say that Kelly is the face of the Divas division.

    If this match happens, then Kharma will go over, but it cannot be a complete squash match.

    The fans need to buy into the fact that she can be beaten. Otherwise, the angle will become stale very quickly.

Mason Ryan and CM Punk to Beat Big Show and Kane for the Tag Team Titles

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    Now that Kane and Big Show have started feuding with the Nexus in similar style to their feud with the Corre, it is likely that they will defend their tag team titles against a combination of Raw's most dominant group.

    CM Punk is unlikely to develop a new singles feud in two weeks, and a partnership with Mason Ryan is the only combination that will be expected to win.

    Punk is a former world champion, and Ryan is being pushed as the new monster heel on Raw; the Welshman was even to able to dominate the two giants on a recent episode of Raw.

    With Kane and Big Show on different shows, their act is losing its interest.

    This could also lead to a Freebirds arrangement where any possible combination of the Nexus would be able to defend the titles.

    It could also mean that the Nexus and Corre could finally settle their differences. 

Ezekiel Jackson to Beat Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Title

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    The Corre's attack on Big Zeke this past Friday officially turned the last-ever ECW Champion babyface and looks to have sparked a feud between Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson.

    These two have been disputing about the leadership of the group for weeks, and this could be the opportunity for them to finally vent their frustrations.

    It is also time for Barrett to finally remember that he is the Intercontinental Champion and that the belt needs to be defended.

    If it is a title match, Zeke should go over, as a long feud is unnecessary. SmackDown has a shortage of main-event heels, and Barrett needs to elevate himself now.

    Jackson needs the title to restore his credibility, and it would be his first singles run on a major WWE show.

Michael Cole vs. Jerry "the King" Lawler: Loser Leaves the Announce Table

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    This feud has been long, drawn out and has quickly become tiresome.

    We thought it would end at WrestleMania, but we were disappointed. When it continued past Extreme Rules, we were shell-shocked!

    If it continues any longer, it may be time to switch to TNA!

    The deeply uncomfortable promo by Cole about King's mother on Raw was unacceptable and should not have been allowed.

    Cole has always pushed the envelope. but this time he went too far to get cheap heat.

    The petty disputes between the commentators have started to distract from the actual matches, and they are much more concerned about putting themselves over than calling the action.

    If this match happens, then it will be No-DQ, and expect interference from Jack Swagger and Jim Ross.

    There are two possible outcomes here.

    Either King has decided to retire, so Cole cheats to win and earns massive heat for ending Lawler's career, or King finally gets his just reward and we get to see Cole get his comeuppance.

    If this happens, Cole should become the next Bobby Heenan and could manage the young talent like Swagger, who are struggling to find their voice. 

Del Rio Versus Mysterio Versus R-Truth in a No. 1 Contenders Match

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    Due to the Miz's victory on Raw, the crown jewel of the draft does not have a scheduled pay-per-view match.

    There have been hints that he will continue his feud with Rey Mysterio that took place on SmackDown, but R-Truth's attack on Rey makes that less likely.

    Truth was scheduled to feud with Morrison, but JoMo's neck injury will keep him out until Capital Punishment.

    This creates a dilemma that can only be solved by making all three compete in a triple threat match that will decide the next No. 1 Contender for the WWE Championship.

    Del Rio would win, which would start his feud with Cena, while Truth could continue to fight Mysterio until Morrison's return. 

Sin Cara to Make Pay-Per-View Debut

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    The Mexican luchador has already showcased his awe-inspiring ability, and it is time for him to prove himself on PPV.

    It seems like a feud with Chavo Guerrero could be on the cards, as this would really give him the chance to show off his high-flying moveset.

    However, it is unlikely that perennial jobber Chavo would be given a PPV match, so Sheamus is another possibility.

    The Celtic Warrior was the first to fall foul of Sin Cara in the WWE, and he needs to establish himself on SmackDown.

    Daniel Bryan is also a possibility in a match that would have the wrestling purists drooling.

    However, the long-term feud that makes the most sense for Sin Cara is with the other masked man on SmackDown: Cody Rhodes.

    This makes so much sense as Rhodes has just dealt with Mysterio and seems to have nothing else to do at the moment.

    This could be a fantastic match. Expect Teddy Long to book it backstage at Over the Limit without any prior warning. 

Deserving Superstars Like Ziggler, Bryan and Kingston Will Not Make the Card

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    Dolph Ziggler, the former World Heavyweight Champion, has gotten lost in the shuffle since moving to Monday nights, and the new US Champion, Kofi Kingston, has yet to make an impression.

    It would make sense for them to wrestle each other, but it is very rare that both mid-card titles are defended on the same show. I have already predicted that Barrett versus Zeke will involve the IC title, so this match is improbable.

    Daniel Bryan has not really been involved in any feuds since moving to SmackDown, and unless he wrestles Sheamus again or possibly Sin Cara, he will miss out on another payday. 

Christian vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title

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    Hopefully, we will see a long feud between these two, who have already shown they have good in-ring chemistry, with a PPV-quality match on SmackDown.

    There has been talk of a Christian heel turn, and I think it is necessary to keep him in the main event picture.

    He could show frustration at his short title reign and start to alienate his fans and attack his friends.

    A heel Christian would be able to carry the title for much longer and would be fresh.

    Despite that, I expect to see Orton retain the title here, which will start Christian's spiral down into a new incarnation of his character that could resemble heel Edge.

    Expect Chris Jericho to get involved in this feud at some point based on recent tweets, his history with Christian and the fact that Orton punted him out of action.

Cena to Beat Miz

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    This is a no-brainer!

    Cena will never say "I Quit" to anyone in any situation as it would undermine his gimmick of never giving up.

    The children would be devastated!

    Sorry, Miz, but you have no chance here!

Batista to Return

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    It has been almost a year since the Animal retired from the WWE after an "I Quit" match with John Cena.

    The fact that Cena has been booked in the same match with the same stipulation at the same PPV seems like too much of a coincidence.

    There have been recent rumors that Batista's return is a possibility due to the failure of his desire to become an MMA fighter.

    Cena could win the match with Miz in the same way as he did his match last year with Batista.

    He could have him in the Attitude Adjustment position from a high place, Miz would forfeit the match, Cena would be about to do it anyway when the Animal's music hits.

    He would beat down on Cena and re-ignite the feud temporarily before moving to SmackDown, where star power is desperately needed.

The Final Word...

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    This article has been a mixture of likely occurrences, more unlikely predictions and some fantasy booking.

    There is no chance that all of these predictions will be correct, but hopefully I will have hit the nail on the head with at least a few.

    Feel free to post and comment with your own predictions,,,