Message To The Fans Of Major League Baseball's 31st Team: The Metsox

Christian AraosContributor IOctober 16, 2008

For those of you not from the New York/Boston area let me explain to you who are the Metsox. The Metsox are a team created by a bunch of fans of the Mets and Red Sox who decided to divert their interest in one team and decided to root for two due to their resounding hatred for the Metsox's biggest rival the New York Yankees.

My message to these fans is very simple:

Stop this childish hatred for the Yankees and focus on the one team you love whether it may be the Mets or the Red Sox; and if your team isn't playing the Yankees then simply don't pay attention. No need for you to start rooting for the Royals (I would've said Rays but they happen to be in the ALCS) just focus on your team and if they're not playing, I'm sure something nice is on TV to watch instead.

You can continue to dislike the Yankees but please don't wind up rooting for teams that you hardly even know it's pointless. 

Also to the fans of the Mets who have an impressive way of forgetting how to win in September and missing the playoffs; just because your team is out doesn't mean you can renounce you allegiance to them and suddenly switch to say the Red Sox. Unfortunately many of you have and you know who you are so don't hide and don't think I'm just seeing this from afar I've seen it done by some of my friends and its not right.

To the fans of the Red Sox, I know you'll always hate the Yankees and that's not going to change anytime soon but i'll repeat what I said earlier, don't root for random teams just because in the dugout across from them are the Yankees.

My message to fans of every team:

Root for your team and JUST your team. Don't root for a team just because they're hot or because they're playing your team's rival.

Root for your team through thick and thin because not only does it make you a better a fan...

It makes you a better person.