Tony Romo: When Adoration Leads To Imitation

Jared LillyCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2008

Recall with me if you will, the beginning of Romo's starting career.

Week after week, time after time, Tony Romo, a virtually unknown quarterback at the time, brought in comparisons to the living legend Brett Favre.

In all fairness, with these comparisons, also came criticism and skepticism. People were jumping the gun with these comparisons and it was too early to call him the next Favre. Besides, he played Eastern Illinois, he won't last in the NFL.

Eventually, barring playoff games, Romo made it clear that as long as he was under center with the Dallas Cowboys, stopping them would be like trying to stop a full speed freight train with a lasso.

However, as expected, the critiques doubled and became harsher and harsher.

"He ain't tough like Favre."

"He's just a celebrity with a busty girlfriend."

"He can't win a playoff game."

And my personal favorite due to its outrageous originality, "Tony Homo."


Recently, in an overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals, Romo sustained a broken pinkie. Within the next 24 hours, Cowboys' fans were saddened to hear he would be out at least four weeks.

Too bad he ain't tough like Favre, right?

Well, Dallas reported that Romo took some practice snaps Thursday, with a make shift cast on his right pinkie and ring finger. Phillips said he was throwing the ball "pretty well."

After a reported call of encouragement from none other than Brett Favre, Romo has jumped himself from "out for four weeks," to "game time decision" Sunday against the Rams. Putting his admiration to imitation, Tony plans to play through the injury like a true team player.

If Romo cannot play, however, veteran Brad Johnson will be taking over as quarterback, armed with recently acquired wide receiver Roy Williams from the Detroit Lions.

Let's hope Romo's cast comes off soon. He'll need it for that Superbowl XLII ring!