Decisions, Decisions: Lakers Face Life without Andrew Bynum

Lester MoraCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2008

When Andrew Bynum went down last week, it seemed like the Lakers at that moment became destined to be another average team in the NBA.

Not necessarily.

The Front Office of the Lakers organization can and must do something to keep the fans happy until the return of Bynum.

Now is the time for all the outstanding forwards to show off their resumes. Lakers are in need of a new spark in their frontcourt. Names that have been discussed include PJ Brown, DJ Mbenga, and Chris Webber. 

As we all know, the Lakers follow Coach Phil Jackson's "Triangle Offense."  This style of play does not suit just any player. 

PJ Brown turns 38 this season. Yes that means he is experienced, but he wouldn't fit in the triangle offense.

DJ Mbenga the best fitted for the size that they lose from Bynum. Yet with his size he wouldn't be as effective and explosive like Bynum.

Chris Webber is, as always, available. At 35, he definitely has some miles on him, but he is the best prospect the Lakers can sign at the moment. Webber is, if nothing else, experienced in big game play and also down the road in the playoffs.

If the Lakers sign Webber it would most definitely help fill the Bynum void. It would seem that Kobe wouldn't have any objection with the decision because, like Kobe, Webber is a competitive individual and is passionate for the game. The problem is the price tag that might come attached to C-Webb.

I know the temptation of the trade will be in play, but it seems pointless. The Lakers have a good chemistry in the locker room and the players seem to be happy playing and sharing the responsibilities with one another. Kobe has learned he doesn't need to score 50 points a night to save his team anymore. His points go into contribution of assists, rebounds and steals. At the end of the day, Kobe is happy—regardless of his numbers.

If the Lakers decide to go the route of a trade, it will definitely cause another tantrum of the players, fans and of course the man himself, Kobe Bryant. 

I saw many trade offers being thrown around. For example, Jermaine O'Neal from the Pacers to be traded for Lamar Odom, Jordan Farmar, Sasha Vujacic. We all know who wins in that trade. Any other trades along these lines would be about as lucrative.

For all we know the wait will be long and tough but the Lakers cannot just lay down and die. Until Bynum returns, we can only hope that the Lakers continue the chemistry on the court as well as their tireless work ethic. Laker fans- hold on to your seats.  The next few weeks will be bumpy.