Tony Gonzalez: Possible Hero to Public Enemy No. 1

Matt SchaeferCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2008

I broke a story a little less than a week ago why Tony Gonzalez would be a great fit for the Buffalo Bills.  The Bills front office thought the same thing and went after him hard, only to get rejected by Gonzalez himself.

Gonzalez has now turned himself from possible hero to public enemy No. 1 in Buffalo.

Gonzalez would have come to a 4-1 team that has a very good chance of making the playoffs with a wide open AFC this season.  The Bills are indeed a young team, but they are defiantly on the rise and will be able to compete in the NFL for years to come.

Now I am realistic and are the Bills a Super Bowl contender this season?  To be honest, no they are not, BUT they will be in the playoffs and you have to be in it to win it; something that the Kansas City Chiefs won’t be a part of.  

On deadline day, the Bills offered the Chiefs a third rounder (which is what they were looking for) and some change.  Gonzalez was just so eager to get out of town, but did not want to go to Buffalo to play.

My question to him is why?  He had the chance to come to a team that will be a playoff contender for years to come.  Yes his career is ending soon, but he made the big deal about being traded and then balked on the move to come to the Bills.  He would have been made a hero here, but instead he wanted the Giants or nothing. Now he is stuck on the same crappy, rebuilding team he started with. 

Buffalo is a great football city to come to play for and their fans make their players into heroes.  However, Buffalo does not like to be crossed by players.

It is just a shame that on November 23rd when the Bills take on the Chiefs that the game will not be played in Ralph Wilson Stadium so he can hear just how much Buffalo cares about its football team.  Let’s see how Tony feels when a playoff team comes to Kansas City and destroys a Chief team not trying to win the game, but eyeing a No. 1 overall pick in the draft.