Penn State-Michigan: Four Reasons the Nittany Lions Will End the Streak

Steven SwansonContributor INovember 17, 2016

Every year, as a Penn State fan, you get that gut-wrenching feeling when the Penn State Nittany Lions and the Michigan Wolverines get on the same field on the same day.

Michigan has won nine times straight. Why shouldn't we? But the curse will finally be broken this year, and I'm going to tell you why.


1. Penn State has too many offensive weapons

Penn State's offense has proved more dominant as the year goes on. Just look at the statistics of all their offensive players.

Daryll Clark

96/149 passes completed for 1,360 yards and 10 touchdowns.    

145 yards rushing with six rushing touchdowns!

He averages 9.1 yards every time he passes.


Evan Royster

98 rushes for 719 yards and nine touchdowns.

He averages 7.3 yards every time he touches the ball.


Stephfon Green

60 rushes for 383 yards and four touchdowns.

He averages 6.4 yards every time he's handed the ball.


Derrick Williams

23 catches for 266 yards with only one touchdown.

He is averaging 11.6 yards per catch.

17 rushes for 85 yards, averaging five yards per carry.


Deon Butler

22 catches for 381 yards and three touchdowns.



Jordan Norwood

21 catches for 377 yards and four touchdowns.

He averages 18 yards per catch!


Who does Michigan have?


2. Penn State's D is too strong

Wow. Penn State has always been known for its amazing D and their linebackers. Does the weak Michigan offense really stand a chance? I think not. Penn State's D will prove to be too much for the Wolverines. No more to say on that topic.


3. Home field advantage and the white out

Penn State's white out is amazing at getting the job done. That's due to all the hardcore fans that attend the games.

It's hard for a team that is the underdog to come into Beaver Stadium and leave with a win—once again, mostly due to the white out.


4. Look at statistics

Penn State has scored 317 points all together this season. They have only allowed 77 points total! They have a total of 1,646 rushing yards and 1,729 passing yards. Penn State's D has 11 interceptions already—and the stats go on.


Well, I think I proved my point. If I missed anything, let me know.

Just one more thing: For all you people who think Penn State players are cocky, look at this...

"Every year we look at it as, it's 0-0. We don't look at the streak; we just try to go out there and win a game."—Penn State wide receiver Derrick Williams on Penn State's nine consecutive losses to Michigan.


Let me know what you think.