T.O. The Cry Baby/Pinhead

Johnny GarciaContributor IOctober 16, 2008

There's nothing that people like more than an emotionally sensitive human being. It's entertainment to us being able to watch these people throw tantrums on drama shows like the ones on MTV and other channels. I just never thought it would reach the NFL, a game where you have a bunch of grown and "mature" men playing a game of football.

Well guess again! We've got T.O.! The biggest sore loser in the NFL. He's like a five-year-old who just got his toy stolen when he loses. This guy is a big spoiled brat! I mean c'mon! It's normal to lose a game in football because no one goes undefeated all the way.

EX: New York Giants defeat Patriots in Superbowl.

Now he's been arguing with his teammates and coaches during tough games. Is this really the type of guy you want as a captain representing your team? By The way he acts on the field, he doesn't seem to lead by example. He always puts himself before the team's interest but somehow never blames himself for losses in team morale. He's a distraction quite frankly.

This T.O. guy is just a big show. He's more trouble than he's worth and he thrives on talking pregame trash. He's a joke and a disgrace to the NFL. Just by him opening his mouth he puts his team on the spot. He does not realize that when his team needs him the most, he pushes them away and attracts the parasitic media in.

"I feel like football players are overworked and underpaid compared to any other sports." Terrell Owens. O.K. According to Mr.Owens, football players are apparently underpaid. Poor them. Those poor NFL players have to deal with terrible median salaries of $770,000 per season. Damn! Haha I wish the rest of mainstream had it that "bad."

If anything, cops and firemen and other people who work very hard and put their lives on the line everyday are vastly underpaid mister! If that was the case, we'd have it easy. If everyone got paid like that, we woulden't have to raise taxes ever again, lets put it that way.

This is just a small portion of why Owens is such a pinhead crybaby. Ex of pregame trash talk: “Get your popcorn ready, 'cause I'm gonna put on a show.” Oh yes Owens you most certainly did put on a show, a post game show that is! Half of America saw you sob, cry and eat your own words after yet another playoff loss; a loss to the Giants.

Ouch that's gotta be embarrassing...

But if there was anything we could to make you feel better, by all means Mr. Owens don't be afraid to give us a call. Even though your a terrible team player and you piss and moan whenever you lose we still love ya cuz you're our entertainment. T.O. without a crybaby like you, the NFL would be ever so dull and boring.

And for the record, showing emotion in sports is a good thing. It's a sign that you care about the game, but when you drown in your own trash talk in the end, you get what you had coming to ya.