WWE's Wrestlemania: Creating One Iconic Moment at a Time

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIMay 10, 2011

Wrestlemania. The Grandest Stage of Them All. The Showcase of Immortals. The Show of Shows.

Without a doubt, Wrestlemania has earned all these titles as it has become the biggest event in pro wrestling and sports entertainment. It has become a global phenomenon that has fans all around watching for the one night of grandeur and spectacle known as Wrestlemania.

One thing that has made Wrestlemania stand out from other PPV events is its amazing moments and matches.

Every year, we have expectations for Wrestlemania to have a classic, show-stealing match or a memorable/iconic moment that we will remember, and these expectations are surely justified.

But it has become more than just an expectation. Over the years, throughout the Wrestlemanias, it has evolved and become something much more.

It has become a need... a duty.

Nearly every Wrestlemania we can think of and remember has at least one classic match and/or moment that has become a part of Wrestlemania lore, that has become a significant part of wrestling history that we cherish for all eternity, something we can tell our kids and grandkids about.

These moments, these matches, are a major reason as to how Wrestlemania has become what it has become. When one event has created so many historical moments and iconic matches, then that event becomes written in the annals of history as the greatest event in wrestling.

Wrestlemania doesn't just be expected to create these moments, it needs to create these moments. It's what Wrestlemania has become all about, what makes it grand, epic, and memorable.

Even the worst of Wrestlemanias are remembered for all time because of a single match or moment that defies the passage of time.

Wrestlemania 13 is a classic example of this, as the card was absolutely terrible from top to bottom. But when Austin-Hart happened, that's when it became Wrestlemania.

The amazing five-star match, couple along with the iconic double-turn of Hart and Austin, allowed Wrestlemania 13 to forever be remembered.

Even when a Wrestlemania is bad, it always manages to give us a five-star classic, a historic moment that just makes Wrestlemania complete, that gives us that feeling of it being the greatest event in all of wrestling.

It's what makes Wrestlemania...Wrestlemania!

I've heard some people call Wrestlemania 27 the worst Wrestlemania of all time, and while it certainly did only live up to a mixed reception from both fans and critics alike, let me ask you this: did it deliver a classic? Did it give us a lasting moment?

I answer that question with yes, it did. Triple H vs Undertaker was a absolute brutal war, a four-star match, and to me, a five-star classic. It had us on the edge of our seats, and created an emotion and drama that you can only feel at Wrestlemania.

When a Wrestlemania fails to deliver on at least one classic match, one historic moment, that's when it can be called the worst Wrestlemania of all time, like Wrestlemania 2 and Wrestlemania IX.

Without such moments, such matches, Wrestlemania ceases to be Wrestlemania.

Would Wrestlemania 3 be even mentioned without Savage/Steamboat and the slamming of Andre?

Would Wrestlemania X-7 be considered the best without the Austin heel turn and the epic main event and TLC?

Would Wrestlemania X8 be remembered without Rock/Hogan and their epic staredown?

Would Wrestlemania 21 be considered great without Angle/HBK or the rise of Batista and Cena?

No, these Wrestlemanias and more would not be remembered or held in high regard without such moments. Every Wrestlemania is made and defined by the moments they create, the matches they give us.

You could have a solid Wrestlemania throughout, but if it doesn't give us that classic, or that one moment, then it will be an utter disappointment, and lost to the sands of time.

Wrestlemania needs these moments because it launches Wrestlemania to that next level. The level of being larger-than-life, the extravanganza it's known to be. Without it, Wrestlemania is just another PPV.

WWE knows this all too well, and they make sure that no matter how the rest of a card turns out, they make sure to give us at least one moment, one match, that defines what Wrestlemania is.

This is the grandeur of Wrestlemania, the epitome of pro wrestling and sports entertainment, the very pinnacle of immortality.

And I eagerly wait Wrestlemania 28 next year to see what new moments will be created in Miami, Fla., especially during the dream encounter between John Cena and The Rock.

Wrestlemania...the Showcase of the Immortals. Creating moments...one Wrestlemania at a time.