Sports Fans, Think Before You Speak

Justin AltmanContributor IOctober 16, 2008

Sports fans are arguably some of the most rabid human beings on the planet.  

If you take a proper, well-respected business man, put him in his favorite jersey, and stick him in front of a big-screen with a couple of cold ones and some chips, you will see a transformation that would make any scientist's head spin.  

It is passion like this that is a key part of what makes sports so great. However, I am here to teach these rabid beings some sympathy.

When your favorite team or player is struggling, it is okay to get on them about it and scream into the television at the top of your lungs.  But please, do everyone a favor and think a little bit before you say something.  Have a little respect for your team and what they are trying to accomplish.  

There is nothing worse than hearing a drunk college kid or out-of-shape, washed up former 2nd team All-State scream at LaDanian Tomlinson, "I could've broken that tackle."  We both know that it's not true, and it makes you sound like an idiot for saying it.

I am learning this first hand as a freshman at the University of Tennessee.  

With the recent struggles of the football team here at UT, you have every bum that has ever picked up a football calling for Coach Fulmer's job.  Just remember, there is a reason that the Athletic Director gave him the two-year contract extension, and you are at home, watching the games on television.  

Also, keep in mind that just a year ago, Fulmer had the Vols at 10-4, and within a touchdown of beating LSU in the SEC Championship Game.  

So just remember sports fans: Just because a team or player is struggling, doesn't mean you can do any better.  Go out and support your team to the fullest extent, but do so with just a little bit of class and dignity.