Rodgers to Jennings: Reflections of Favre to Sharpe

Carter BierwirthContributor IOctober 16, 2008

Do we all remember when Brett Favre dropped a 42 yard pass to Sterling Sharpe way back in 1992? I for one was unable to remember the feat simply because I was not old enough at the time. When Favre arrived in Green Bay his future was certainly questionable. When Don Majkowski went down in the first half against the Cincinnati Bengals, the iron man took the field for the first game of his consecutive games started streak.

Favre's pass to wide receiver Sterling Sharpe ushered in a new era in Packer history. The duo became one of the most ecstatic passing tandems in the NFL; aiding immensely in the rise of Green Bay during the mid-Nineties.

Sixteen years later, newcomer Aaron Rodgers was named the starting quarterback for Green Bay after the legend Brett Favre agreed to be traded to New York. The young quarterback from California certainly earned his start by waiting patiently for three years while learning under Favre himself. Rodgers proved his metal through the first few games of the season. Managing to ascertain a 98.0 passer rating in 6 games.

Wide receiver Greg Jennings played one season with Favre as his source. The young draft pick showed immediate promise by finishing the season with 1,005 yards, 14 touchdowns, and 60 receptions. Certainly this play making wide receiver was a welcome addition to the already deeply skilled Packer receiving corps.

Aaron Rodgers quickly made Jennings known as his deep threat while locked in competition with the Vikings and Lions respectfully. When I saw Rodgers drop a 45 yard pass to Jennings against Seattle and in perfect stride, I had flashbacks.

Jennings right now stands at #1 in the league with receiving yards at 653 in only 6 games. Opposed to 1,005 in 13 games back in 2007. That puts Jennings on pace for a 1,700 yard season. Jennings has also been on the receiving end of 5 Aaron Rodgers passes over forty yards.

Rodgers has a deep pool of receivers to choose from when he drops back in the pocket. Veteran Donald Driver comes through in desperate times to anchor the group while newcomer Jordy Nelson shows promise for the future. Greg Jennings has certainly shown himself as the greatest deep threat to opposing defenses.

Until the Green Bay Defense overcomes injuries, the Packer future rests with Rodgers and the offense. Ryan Grant showed more promise this past week against Seattle when he rushed for 90 yards on 33 attempts. Until he hits his groove, however, Rodgers will have to turn to his receivers for advancement.

Green Bay faces off against Manning and the now dangerous Colts. Manning and Harrison have finally clicked; setting the stage for an epic receiver showdown. Manning, Harrison, and Wayne face off against Rodgers, Jennings, and Driver. With Joseph Addai injured, perhaps Grant and the Packer running game can tip the balance.

Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings are facing the game of the season. The Colts seemed to have hit their long awaited stride, and the Green Bay faithful have yet to see their beloved Green and Gold defeat an opponent save the Vikings on Lambeau field. The showdown against the Colts could ultimately make or break the Packer season.

Rodgers and Jennings have the chemistry for perhaps the greatest receiver tandem in the league. Both are in the dawn of their careers, much like Favre and Sharpe were back in 1992. Do they have the ability to lay the foundation for a Packer team unlike any other?

The coming battle against Indianapolis just might show us the lay of the land, and I for one can't wait for the results.