WWE's Light from the Shadows: Why "Peeps" Should Sit Back and Relax!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMay 10, 2011

“Hey everyone bitching about (Christian) losing the title, have you ever thought that maybe it’s just the beginning of a bigger storyline?” – Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho) via twitter

When news broke out that Christian had dropped his long awaited title run to Randy Orton, the “Peeps” and fans everywhere erupted!

Everyone had become upset as many feel this title run was long overdue for Christian only to have it taken away so quickly.

But maybe just maybe most of us, if not all of us, jumped the gun a bit early!

If you think about what Jericho Tweeted, and look on how the title change played out on SmackDown then it would make sense.

As I stated earlier SmackDown looks kind of weak right now as WWE is in the odd stage of secretly rebuilding.

With guys like Triple H; Undertaker basically done with their careers and others narrowing down to the final stage of their career as well, it is time for WWE to make some major mix ups and changes.

But with rebuilding you don’t want to push too fast otherwise things could go wrong and defeat the whole purpose.

Yes, last Friday night we saw (if you tuned in) Christian's title run come to the end, but that does not mean it’s the end for Christian.

WWE was reported to be in a rush to do this year’s Draft early rather than later to fill the void Edge had left.

Edge had informed WWE of the nagging injury after WrestleMania 27, this left little time for them to draw up a plan to help SmackDown.

So they decided to send Orton over to the "blue brand", to add a major face and strenghten the roster.

It seemed at first that Orton would float around for a bit and have a feud with Henry but we were hit with a curve ball.

Orton would challenge for the title instantly and would capture the gold from Christian.

But the question is why would WWE have Christian win the belt, then drop it on the very next broadcast of SmackDown?

Del Rio moving to Raw, took away a rival for Christian to feud with and it also took away SmackDown’s major heel!

Also Del Rio is rumored to be feuding with Cena in the upcoming months and Cena now holds the WWE title so Del Rio’s “Destiny” will not be to hold the World title but the WWE gold.

So Christian was just the option to keep the title on SmackDown. Now WWE should have had an idea that having Christian drop the title so early would cause a frenzy so maybe this was the creative teams plan all along.

WWE wants Orton to be a huge baby-face, but it’s somewhat hard as many fans see Orton as a better heel. Now with all of this craziness going on this would be a perfect time to turn Christian heel which would set up a good feud with Orton.

Now at first I did not like this idea but if you think about it, this plan should and could work.

Without Undertaker on the roster and a decent amount of television time behind him, it’s time to start building new guys.

I created a list of people who could contend for the title for either title holder Orton or Christian.

But if you really look at most of the guys a lot of them still need time to build themselves up and establish themselves to create a nice following either face or heel.

SmackDown is the home of building new stars so it should not be a problem with guys like Sin Cara, Sheamus and others on the brand.

Now one last thing for the possible Orton/Christian feud after seeing what went down on last week’s SmackDown it should be very interesting on how WWE has this scenario play out. After seeing that physical/high energy/emotional match I think all fans would enjoy this feud!

So to all Christian fans let’s sit back and see what develops and see how things play out.