Why New England Fans Shouldn't Be Upset About a Losing Season

Ryan KContributor IOctober 16, 2008

Sure we all know that the Patriots are not a playoff team this year. We know that MattCassel is no Tom Brady, but we have to look back to see how fortunate we have been in New England over the past decade.

We all wanted to see what Brady could do this season after his historic season last year and every New England fan wanted to see the Patriots back in the Super Bowl after their devastating loss last year the the Giants.

New Fans Shouldn't complain. Over the past eight years the patriots have been to the superbowl four times, winning three. How many times did they go to the Super Bowl prior to 2001? Twice.

Before the Tom Brady era began in 2001, the Patriots were just a mediocre team at best. In 2000 they finished the season with a 5-11 record which even worse then the 8-8 record they finished with in 1999.

Every Patriots fan should be thankful for the past eight years. Every Patriots game is still sold this year as it has been since 1994, and the best thing to do is ride out this season. After what will be a mediocre, or possibly losing season this year, the Patriots rise to the top will fell even better.

How did fans feel after there thrilling first Super Bowl win in Super Bowl XXXVI? They felt great because fans had to suffer through 40 years of never winning a championship. Next year, as long as Tom Brady and the rest of the team can perform like they did in past years it will have a better feel knowing that the year before was atrocious.

So my message to all New England fans is to just relax, watch the rest of this season and get ready for next year when the Patriots will be contenders once again.

You cant complain when three major sports teams in the region have had 17 playoff berths and six total championships in the last eight years.