Natacha BresslerContributor IOctober 16, 2008

First let me apologize to you all for not writing in so long but you must understand I just got my own place. And everything is coming very slowly right now, at the moment I don't have internet access so it is very difficult to write to you guys, But enough of my bad news

Are you ready for it! To all the Penn State fan across this great nation I have found a Michigan ticket. I know what you are thinking, you are probably saying Tasha it just a ticket, but if you are leaving right next to to the beaver stadium and Penn State is your playground this is not just a ticket. To be truth-full I am both scare and ecstatic about this. Because Now I know how Charlie felt when he got the last golden ticket (For those of you who does not know what am talking about, Just let go) He was ecstatic, well that's how I am right now. I mean the year Penn State is kicking butt and taking names I get to go to a game. I am gonna scream louder than anyone and be there earlier than anyone. After all Penn State is a big attribute to my love Football. While am overjoy a part of me is very sad.
       The reason for my sadness is with every game Penn State win it reminds me of my other sad memory. The Patriots  you all know what happen with then last so there is no need to revisit that especially since am in-denial the Superbowl hasn't happen, but enough. My worry lie in the fact that am still wondering is there a team that gonna found our weakness and what will happen when they do. Oh don't get me wrong like any die hard Penn State fan I want to say we have no weakness, but I have said it before and I end up with no Superbowl ring. The truth of the matter is I hope Penn State does better that the Patriot, am not choosing a team over the other I have no heart to do so, but I hope one at least one of my team brings me happiness. For I am a woman in suffering.

     So my hope is that Penn State does keep doing what it is doing cause right now  it's working for us. And give JoePa the best year of his coaching career after all the man deserves it. But for right now am gonna go to this game and enjoy it like Charlie enjoyed those chocolate. and loss my voice in the process. And well I will Try my Best to let you guys know how it was.

We Are   Penn State !!
We Are   Penn State !!
We Are   Penn State !!