Patriots Vs. Broncos. Who Cares? Flex Anybody?

E161StreetContributor IOctober 16, 2008

Are you ready for some football? On Monday night I won't be.

When the 2008-09 NFL schedule was created, this match-up probably sounded interesting.

Tom Brady vs. Jay Cutler. Possibly two of the best arms in the game.

Randy Moss vs. Brandon Marshall. Possibly two of the best receivers in the game.

No Tom Brady for the Patriots makes them middle of the pack at best. Not to mention a very boring team to watch.

On Monday night we will get to see a offense that only managed to put up 10 points against the Chargers. It was painful to sit through that game and this game might be worse.

Not only do the Patriots fail to move the ball and fail to score, but watching Matt Cassell is worse than getting your teeth drilled. First off the playbook is simplified for him. How many HB screens can we see in one game? But anyway this article is not to rip Cassell because that has been done already.

What I would like to see is flex scheduling for MNF. Currently flex scheduling hast no impact on Thursday, Saturday or Monday night games. Ok, so flex schedules might not happen for these days but how about more division match-ups. Denver fans don't care about New England and vice versa.

How about Chicago vs. Minnesota? San Diego Vs. Buffalo is also an interesting match up as well. The point is that unless you are a fan of either of these teams or have Jay Cutler in your fantasy league then you could care less about this game.